DS-Like Touch Screen Heads To PSP

Thank a group of homebrew devs, and not Sony, for this. Called the PSPTouchME, this concept image shows an in-the-works touch screen overlay that will cover like a screen protector and connect to the PSP via USB.

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Marty83703759d ago

Nice1,it just shows how versitile the PSP hardware is.

Sphinx3759d ago

...yeah, but that doesn't play any games!

Sphinx3759d ago some homebrewers did this though!

BIadestarX3759d ago

I'm sure Sony it's already working on some firmware patch to prevent this. Why? Cause Sony sucks! Everytime homebrewers come up with something cool, sony comes and try to stop them.

timmyp533758d ago

it all started as an illegal idea

Arkham3758d ago

"SOnY COPYS!!1!!" Oh, wait... Nevermind.

Shadow Flare3758d ago

That is pretty cool. Would be great to use on such a large clear screen

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