Sony Advertising PlayStation All-Stars Ahead of Wreck-It Ralph

Push Square: "Nintendo isn’t the only one using Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph as an opportunity to promote their latest software. SuperBot Entertainment has announced that it will be showing PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s recent live-action trailer ahead of select screenings of the critically acclaimed flick."

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get2sammyb1784d ago

Yeah, it's a really good spot for the game. Hopefully it increases awareness! :)

b163o11784d ago

I really hate to say this, but Sony is doing it again. We've got LBP karting coming out on Tuesday, and I have yet to see a commercial for it. As big as LBP is there should have been some advertising for this game. Which makes me wonder if PSABR will share the same problem. Advertising in movie theaters is cool and will increase some awareness, but what about people who choose to pass on Wreck-it-Ralph? I'm not downing Sony in any way, but under advertising has plagued Sony this Generation, and I was hoping they'd get it together. I am aware and already have my copy reserved and paid for.

BigStef711783d ago

I dont think many people are going to pass to see the movie. Its predicted to make 50 million this weekend
PSASBR will benefit greatly from this

Reverent1783d ago

Agreed with BigStef71. I'm not gunna lie, just seeing familiar video game characters in that movie's commercials make me want to see it for the nostalgia.

Knight_Crawler1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Lets hope they do not use the live commercial with Drake, Kratos and Cole...I am sorry but the fight between Drake and Cole is very cheesy and boring, just show 30 secs of the actual game Sony -_-

Edit: Look at the Wii Brawl a commercial , keep it simple and fun.

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get2sammyb1784d ago

It's the live-action ad.

GTRrocker6661783d ago

I am sure they spent a lot of money on that ad. They will more than likely use that one

FamilyGuy1783d ago

I agree, gamers are definitely movie enthusiast as well in most cases, advertising at the theater only makes sense. Plus you can run ads that are longer than 30 seconds there to really get your point across.

Sgt_Slaughter1784d ago

A great marketing scheme from Sony...

Damn it must be 2012! Haha

Kidding aside, hopefully this starts a tread of more ads from Sony, mainly Vita commercials.

Knight_Crawler1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

More ads are good for the VITA but Sony needs a better marketing team...the attached Assassin Creed VITA commercial is boring and corny.

Also whats up with the four breast woman VITA ad...its creepy.

FamilyGuy1783d ago

I'm guessing it's cuz you'd want your hands on the front and back of it... just like her.

r211784d ago

Pretty smart, Disney movies attract hundreds of movie goers and having this trailer play before it will surely attract attention! Btw, controversial? Really?

get2sammyb1784d ago

For Nintendo fans, it seems to be, yes. I personally think the whole backlash is silly (it's a great game) but, y'know...

homer1784d ago

Too bad no one in the theater will know any of the characters...

dafegamer1784d ago

as if people know who marth, falco, rob, ike, olimar, samus,lucas, lucario, pit, ness, wolf, is right?

prototypeknuckles1784d ago

I didnt know a single one of those except for samus until I played melee or brawl

givemeshelter1784d ago

Now this is the type of advertising Sony needs to continue on!

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