Rare Hint New Banjo Is Not A 'Traditional Platformer'

The QnA style "stupid Rare letters page" known as Scribes has just been updated on Rare's site. Without doubt, the most interesting stuff to come out of the update it some new hints as to what the new Banjo-Kazooie will be all about.

Banjo won't be a shooter (unless we sell no copies like Ghoulies and out of desperation give him a gun for the next game) but it also won't be a traditional platformer," reads the update. "We somewhat grandly like to think that it will be a different take on the genre. Some would say a brave gamble but I'm confident it's the right decision,"

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sonarus3718d ago

am not so enthusiastic for the multiplayer i think sometimes devs jst need to put their foot down and make a great single player experience. I am however quite interested in the single player. Banjo kazooie was great on the n64. Hopefully they take it in the right direction should get a nice sense of nostalgia playing this.

consolewar3718d ago

playing this awesome franchise, so I'm loving it so far.
Btw The music was the sauce.

Boldy3718d ago

I'm sure the single player game will be as good in Banjo 3 as it has been in the other Banjo games being that Rare knows what they are doing. It's not like it's a brand new IP, and are not sure what they want the single player game to be. They know what the fans loved and hated, so I'm sure the single player will be great.

Bnet3433718d ago

This kind of scares me, but at the same time, it's on a different console and these are different times, so .......

SovereignSnaKe3718d ago

i'm lovin the flow of news on this game!.....knowing RARE it'll be out in NOvember!, I trust they know what there doing, with w/e new direction the game takes!,'ll be wierd having multiplayer in Banjo, but oh well i'll take it!!!

The_Rob_Himself3718d ago

Banjo Tooie had multiplayer, it was very good too.

Lilbambit3718d ago

ok, now im really worried about this game, i hope rare know what they are doing

DJ3718d ago

Is it a sidescroller?

RecSpec3718d ago

You're both wrong, it's either a RTS or a rhythm game. "Banjo Hero" anyone?

BloodySinner3718d ago

Evidently, I was being sarcastic.

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The story is too old to be commented.