The Metal Gear Saga Explained: MGS4 and More wrties- "The crux of the entire game lies in the Successor project introduced in Portable ops by character called "Gene" (who was created to become the perfect field commander). The Boss, Naked Snake (Big Boss), Gray Fox/Ninja/Frank Jaeger, Solid, Liquid and Solidus are all parts of this project initiated by the Philosophers and this legacy continues with the formation of the Patriots whom we get to a little later."

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sonarus3505d ago

if mgs4 isnt game of the yr it has failed me. This has been my most anticipated game for over a yr. Sure i want to see other games like KZ2, resistance 2 but me and snake go way back. Since the first MGS solid i have been hooked.

Skerj3505d ago

It can still be your game of the year, everyone else be damned. It'll surely be mine and that's saying a lot in the face of everything that's coming out this year. But none of them have a 20 year story to wrap up.

avacadosnorkel3505d ago

Sure. The story factor is important to keep an interest. But will any of the game be revolutionary? There are plenty of good titles coming this year. But I think just to award a game based on story is selling the industry short. Look at what Resistance 2 is offering with 2 separate story line campaigns, a whopping 8 player co-op, 60 player multiplayer. These things have never been done on consoles before. This is more impressive if you are a gamer

InMyOpinion3505d ago

I think GTA IV will take home GOTY.

Metal Gear has some of the greatest stories ever, but the first thing that came to mind when I read the title of the article was "How do they explain old Snake wearing a g-string?"

cmrbe3505d ago

I don't need people or critics to tell me MGS4 is the 2008 game of the year. MGS4 alone justify my PS3 purchase alone.

avacadosnorkel3505d ago

More of the same. Now it comes in HD. Finally has multiplayer (but so did Saints Row).

Sure if Game of the Year is based on the ammount of fans a game has then yeah. But, it's keeping expectations at the same level.

Not to try to sell a product, but honestly the blu-ray difference for games is going to begin to separate itself from the old dvd. Microsoft is eventually going to get blu-ray for games because they will have to. And as games get bigger and offer more to the user, people are going to expect more.

RecSpec3505d ago

So if MGS4 isn't game of the year it fails? That is messed up.

LastDance3505d ago

Ive spent $6,500 on home entertainment equipment all for MGS4.

Im stocked and ready for the final instalment haha.

this will most definatly be game of a lifetime for me! Right next to ocarina of time.

InMyOpinion3505d ago

Instead of clicking the 'disagree' button on me(fanboys have no sense of humor), explain why he's wearing a g-string!? Is it supposed to be cool or something? Stealthy? lol

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Kain813505d ago

i will know what will happen to Snake...Endless Saga

Skerj3505d ago

The MG Saga storyline is second to none, it's a shame to see the main story come to a conclusion soon.

meepmoopmeep3505d ago

uber hyped for MGS4. it will be the best MGS. i don't know where the saga will go after, but i hope they get the same writers and expand from Snakes legacy

okcomputer3505d ago

I love the mgs series, and mgs3 is in my top 5 games of all time, but the overarching story has always seemed kind of convoluted and thrown together. Hopefully mgs4 will do a better job of getting a clear concise plot together.

LastDance3505d ago

thrown together? On contrary..

If you play MGS 1. You will notice references that you only found out in MGS2. even in The 2nd MGS ever made. The story is so finely planned out that almost everything makes sense and everything they have ever said is relevent In the entire 20 years the games have been around.

You just have to do some serious reading and thinking to figure it out...our surf the web a bit:P

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