Q&A: GameTap's Sanchez On The Three Episodic Rules

Gamasutra caught up with GameTap content VP Ricardo Sanchez to get his thoughts. The Turner-owned PC subscription gaming service has been a major advocate for episodic content since it started publishing Telltale's Sam & Max in episodic format - the popular adventure series is now on Season 2, with regular episode updates.

In addition, GameTap helped to fund episodic updates for the now-shuttered Myst Online, and the recently announced American McGee's Grimm looks to follow the same episodic format.

"I agree with the basic premise that episodic content is an inevitability," Sanchez says, "As attention spans get shorter, as costs go up and as more engines and tools become available for the rapid development of content, episodic games are going to become much more common across all platforms -- not just PCs."

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