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GameTrailers: "There is no shortage of clichéd metaphors to explain what Liberation is: it stopped short of the finish line, or if you prefer, it used all the ingredients but got the recipe wrong. Simply put, Liberation is a squandered game, starring an interesting character that goes nowhere. The premise is just interesting enough to keep you playing, but it's easy to finish up Liberation with a sense that you were tricked. This tedium of this disjointed journey is occasionally ameliorated by the joys of the quick kill, but it’s not quite enough to ultimately redeem it."

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mafiahajeri1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Im starting to think reviewers are reviewing vita games as if they are console games. Its a handheld and it looks great.

smashcrashbash1903d ago

It's just the usual. People always judge things like this for what it isn't rather then what it is. They expected it to be EXACTLY like the console version and therefore judge it harshly based on that fact

DivineAssault 1903d ago

yes they do.. It couldve been a bit more polished up so i can see a point or two but this game is nothing less than an 8

RoyaleWC1903d ago

You just hit the nail on the head.
"People always judge things like this for what it isn't rather then what it is."
So many reviews are just reviewers complaining about what isn't in the game rather than reviewing what is actually IN the game.

Nimblest-Assassin1903d ago

When you market the vita as a "console experience on the go" then maybe it makes sense

I really hate this game, and its stupid vita gimmicks... can't get past one part because I need to shine light in the rear camera, and no matter how hard I try I can't get it to work

one2thr1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Use the "flash light" app on your phone, iif your smartphone supports this feature... It makes things way easier that way..

Errod881903d ago

I remember I had to that for uncharted golden abyss,also you could use a lamp,as well.

DrDeath1903d ago

I got stuck there for a few minutes just now. I tried an tried with y iPhones light and a lamp light. Ended up standing up and it randomly worked. I was getting pretty aggravated. That has to be the worst gimmick so far in my play through. Uncharted golden abyss does the same thing but it works fine.

I was turned off at first by this game, I even returned it an swapped for NfS: most wanted, but now after buying it on psn I can say its a solid 8/10 game because of some issues especially for a handheld

CalvinKlein1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

haha yeah I hate that part too, it said "point camera toward something bright." I pointed the camera at the sun and it wouldnt work. Then I point it at the ground where the sun is shining and it works. LOL

Id give this game an 8-9 because it offers awesome console AC gameplay on the VITA. There are some lame things in there and a framerate taht can dip down but it is really a great game to me because I like AC games and Im surprised how close to those console ones it is.

Neo Nugget1903d ago

Sounds to me like you all were pointing it point blank at extremely bright light sources. Maybe it's just overpowering the camera.

RoyaleWC1903d ago

I agree that point camera at a light thing was really not fun at all, and just annoying. You're supposed to tilt the vita sideways or something as well while pointing at the light, but it still took me ages to work it out.

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colonel1791903d ago

Gametrailers has been rating Vita games lower than everybody else. Haven't seen a review of any game yet, so I don't know what's their reasoning.

Morpheuzpr1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

pretty much everything he criticize about this game can be said about the console version. So i think this is just another case of Sony hate syndrome.

Ult iMate1903d ago

I think it would be at least 9/10, if Liberation was for 3DS. And the home-console-like quality of gameplay would be praised.

shammgod1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

So, essentially, they are saying this game isn't as fun as angry birds? Shut the f up.

Game trailers sucks

Myst1903d ago

Lol I haven't watched it yet but if you are serious and they tried to compare it to Angry birds then what the hell lol.

Myst1903d ago

Lol I haven't watched it yet but if you are serious and they tried to compare it to Angry birds then what the hell.

kopicha1903d ago

well this is how it have turn out to be unfortunately. Almost everybody hate Vita for some reason. Only those that truly learn the beauty of it will adore it. Most importantly being able to appreciate it in the right way. Sad thing is most does not seems to have learn even after 6 months. I think a lot of them did not realize that handheld is always a handheld. Console would always remain as console. It's just like console will never match the fidelity of a PC (graphically wise). handheld will never match those of a console. As least base on the tech we have at the moment. But most importantly is they are able to mimick a similar or close experience. I think people still do not get it. And this is especially sad for those journalist/reviewers that they can't even understand this which is a disgrace imo being a professional. Sony's advert Vita being Console Experience on the go is correct. Vita does give console experience on the go, on this part it is definitely second to none. It does not say that it is on par or better than console. Do not understand why are people making assumptions and set the bar that high. This is where all things go wrong when their negativity all come by putting in their own assumptions without even using much of their brain juice.

b-dash1903d ago

I believe a purchaser than those who find fault with.
Because, I don't to play the game to find fault with.

videoxgamexfanboy1903d ago

I got it yesterday along with the console version. So far its not to bad but something just feels off about it. Hopefully the farther I get the better it will be. I'd give it a 7/10

rpd1231903d ago

I think it's an awesome game but the story is kind of random and weak. That's what feels off about it to me, every other AC game has a well paced story.

And there's a lack of side missions. What's the point of having an entire city if there's nothing to do in it. I do like roaming the cit though. And the Bayou is awesome, I just love being able to climb trees and mess around. I'd give it an 8.