Jedi, fedoras, and carpal tunnel: A history of LucasArts

What if LucasArts never existed? What if the irascible filmmaker, beloved (and despised) the world over for his invaluable contributions to the pop-culture lexicon, had stuck to making space operas and juvenile fantasies about archeologists in fedora hats? What if George Lucas never entered the arena of gaming 30 years ago?

LucasArts revolutionized, created, or nurtured several whole genres, so its absence would’ve irreparably hindered the burgeoning video game medium. The San Francisco-based developer and publisher gave the point-and-click adventure – a heretofore obscure niche – a serious shot in the arm (and doctors everywhere an influx of carpal tunnel patients).

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Lifeequals422031d ago

I love the headline! Though I may be a tad biased.

roblef2031d ago

Great article - I had no idea Lucas arts went back as far as it did.

NagaSotuva2031d ago

Crossing my fingers for 1313.

CalvinKlein2031d ago

Lucasarts made some AWESOME games back in the 90s. My favorite was Dark forces 2: Jedi knight. I think that was one of the first games ever to have a morality scale, light and dark, and a different story and force powers depending if you were good of bad.

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