Vita Support Has Been Dropped.

That’s all there is folks. The Vita is no more. After not even a year on the market, the plug has been pulled on Sony’s fledgling handheld… NOT!


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Snookies121869d ago

Great article, I agree completely. Tired of hearing all these complaints by people who probably have never even used one for more than a few minutes. It's a terrific handheld, the best I've ever owned and I've been through them since the original Gameboy. Just give the dang thing some time to grow and really show off what it can do with games, features, apps, etc.

GribbleGrunger1869d ago

Agreed. There is little to add really. This article more or less sums up how I feel about the situation.

jujubee881869d ago

It makes me feel like a natural...


DragonKnight1869d ago

Agreed. Too many people think that every device ever launched needs to hit the ground running with every possible feature and software available immediately. God forbid that new products that require extensive support be given some time to show its true potential. Everyone judges the Vita based on Nintendo and the 3DS. But when everyone does the same with the Wii or Wii U then it's wrong. Double Standards for the loss.

CommonSenseGamer1869d ago

Based on your comment why should people then buy a Vita? If its not going to feature the games or apps people want right now why would someone buy it? Why not wait to see if Sony come through on its touted features.

Vita is definitely the underdog this Xmas in a marketplace that's more crowded than its ever been. If the Vita doesn't do well this xmas then I predict the Vita wont see a xmas 2013.

Godchild10201869d ago

I have one beef with the Vita or at least mine. And that's the lack of a removable battery. During this blackout or lack of power in my area, an extra battery or two would come in handy. I went looking around for the portable one buy none of my Gamestop have it answer the closest Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Toysrus ae closed due to the lack of power and flooding.

Other than that, No problem. I have played NFS for a few hours answer I'm finding it enjoyable, but you can see the difference between it and the console version. Ragnarok Odyssey is amazing, I just don't know how to level up. The Dainsleif Mode is a neat feature. I haven't touched AC3:L yet.

LiViNgLeGaCY1869d ago

You don't level up. Well, you do sort of, at the end of each chapter, but it's like MH, whereas you just keep upgrading your equipment.

SandWitch1869d ago

You can buy official portable charger/external battery, which has capacity of 4000 mAh. It adds a solid amount of play time. It's not very cheap tho.

Vita's battery is not removable because of rear touch pad by the way.

And as for NFS, sure it is not the same as console version. It can't be. Even though Criterion's PR manager wanted us to believe otherwise. But have you seen any racing game with such big open world and such graphics on any other handheld? I haven't. This game has no competition in a handhelds market and you should not care about anything else IMO.

tubers1869d ago

There's an official external battery.. unwieldly but it's there.

Ult iMate1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

>>an extra battery or two would come in handy.
I bought an external charger. Not just for Vita, but also for my phone and my tablet. It's not a Sony's official charger - there's plenty of offers from other companies. I think it is more convenient to have one external portable charging device instead of bunch of replaceable batteries for all devices, that I bring along with me.

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Blankman851869d ago

Armchair analysts or not the facts remain:
-SONY themselves have decreased VITA and PSP projected sales by 6 million since May, slashing estimates twice now
-Vita has lost some 3rd support or at least hasn't gained any
-the PSP is outselling the VITA 2:1 on worldwide sales,
-VITA was at last count selling 400k units per quarter
-VITA's software sales barely crack any top 20 sales chart, heck even a VITA only top 10 sales chart it's hard to find a VITA title(that part was a joke)
-$250 IS indeed too expensive regardless of the PSP and 3DS launch prices because VITA has crazy expensive memory cards. If it isn't the price then what's the alternative you'll be pleased with? That it isn't selling because people just don't want it? Would it please you if people started saying that instead?

DragonKnight1869d ago

You're exactly the kind of person that needs to just be quiet since you don't know anything. You're sitting there being a hypocrite and trying to get people to worry about stuff they don't need to worry about. Go play your 3DS in peace.

Skate-AK1869d ago

He's just trollin. Let him trip while the people that actually own Vitas enjoy them. Like me.

AcidKill1869d ago

"You're exactly the kind of person that needs to just be quiet since you don't know anything. You're sitting there being a hypocrite and trying to get people to worry about stuff they don't need to worry about. Go play your 3DS in peace."

True bro, true.. I am just sick and tired of these bitching about PSV.. -_-

If people can't afford a PSV that does not mean they should start bitching.. They need to f****** grow up!

miyamoto1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

"That it isn't selling because people just don't want it?"

oh really?

or maybe parents are not buying it for their kids because they see the Vita as a state of the art electronic gaming device like a smartphone and not as a cheap kiddie plaything they won't hurt too much if lost anywhere?

Please tell the NDub Nation forces & the generals about this well written article, bro.

It might put some sense to their senses.

DragonKnight1869d ago

You know I never even thought of it like that. The Vita doesn't exactly look like a "toy" per se. It is possible some parents would see it as too much of an adult product to risk children throwing it around and breaking it.

ALLWRONG1869d ago

Sony themselves have said Vita isn't selling as well as they like. Is Sony lying?

SonyNGP1869d ago

Keep that NDub crap outta here. That shot should never leave the pathetic YouTube "community".

CalvinKlein1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

madden and AC bundles increased the VITAs hardware sales, and the COD one + holidays should help it sell more over the next few months than it has.

The AC vita bundle is around number 30 on the amazon top 100 videogame sellers, thats alot better than it was doing a week ago when there was no vita anything in the top 100. I look there to see if there are any deals going on for recent games and never see vita stuff in the top 100, I always have to go to the vita section separately to see if there are any good prices going on. So to see the AC bundle and AC get up to around number 30 is a big improvement over how it was selling there.

I really think it will sell pretty good over the holidays and will get more support after a good showing this holiday. The bundles add alot of value as everyone will buy a game anyways and they get a memory card to use until they can buy a bigger one in the future(except the madden one has no memory card for some strange reason).

Edit-- I even saw Ragnarock break into the top 100 videogame sellers on amazon and I think thats pretty good considering its a Vita game.

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gtr_loh1869d ago

I'm sure many of us remember the ps3 during first two years of release..."Worst PlayStation in history", "Blu-Ray is just another gimmick", "the ps3 looks like a fridge". Look at the ps3 now. One of the best selling product Sony has to offer. Give the vita some time, it's only been 8 mounths

Marquis_de_Sade1869d ago

The problem is, rival platforms such as smartphones and tablets are only going to improve over this time period. Personally I would prefer a Vita, but I can understand why Joe Public might look to a similarly priced tablet or the phone they already carry in their pocket and not see much value for money in a Vita.

Losyak1869d ago

Don't get me wrong, I love the Vita, but the amount of soft to be released after the holidays and on is worrying me. I liked the streak we had September-October of 2-3 games a week, but I doubt Sony will be able to keep this going, and we'll drop back to 1 game or less a week.

Ult iMate1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

So gamers should give PSV support or just stop bitchin. Is it so hard?
If someone can't afford it, why don't they just quetly let those who can enjoy the device and its games.

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