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A better look at one of GTA V’s art pieces, Rockstar gives update on power situation

Two Grand Theft Auto V-related updates cover a new version of one of the game's art pieces and another note from Rockstar about its situation surrounding the company's lack of power at its New York offices. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

Dmarc  +   530d ago
i feel like brucie I am so pumped somebody punch me in my stomach.
calibann  +   530d ago
You didn't even FLINCH! ICE COLD BRO!
HammadTheBeast  +   530d ago
How'd you get away with that avatar? Not that I didn't look at it.... for about 4 minutes.
Dmarc  +   529d ago
Had it since I joined lol
crimsonfox  +   530d ago
It sucks that they had started leaking stuff, wanted to release a trailer and start pre orders, oh and the game informer magazine to kick off information on GTA V but damn Sandy ruined it all! DAMN YOU SANDY YOU HARLOT!
PS-ADDICT  +   530d ago
It sucks that people are giving them s*yt for not posting the trailer.. have they seen how the power went out and everything flooded... dunno if it can match the fun level of san andreas..trying to be more realistic and staying away from fun cheats cause of the stupid achievments and trophies, i hate it that if i use cheats in the few games that support them, then saving is prohibited, if that happened when i used to play san andreas i wouldnt have poured hundreds maby thousands of hours into it..... if i could opt out of trophies or achievments to have a funner game id gladly choose the ladder i Already Know How Big My C**K !S isnt that the whole reason for it?
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unchartedxplorer  +   530d ago
Wow I'd hate being rockstar NY right now.. having no power, fans screaming at you for not having the second trailer and knowing you can't finish the trailer because the power's out. The only thing that rockstar NY can do now is wait.
But at least we're getting our trailer next week. That's the best I can ask for considering the situation.
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modesign  +   530d ago
who was the moron that said "lets not backup our work", i hope they fired that person
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OneAboveAll  +   529d ago
Notice the water tower behind the guy on the quad? Kinda looks like the water tower at the train station in Armadillo in Red Dead Redemption. Easter Egg? :O

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