Xbox Music takes on iTunes, Spotify

Xbox Music is touted as a hybrid between Spotify, which lets you stream music, and iTunes, where you buy it.

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Blankman851996d ago

Not going to let us forget Usher at E3 are they?
On topic, one can only hope this isn't the next Zune.

JoGam1996d ago

I got Music Unlimited. Its just fine with me.

dedicatedtogamers1995d ago

Oh, how quickly people forget the Zune.

iTunes was largely successful because it went DRM-free. iTunes was out for two full years before it hit it big.

badz1491996d ago

just lol! not gonna happen!

CrimsonessCross1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

No idea if this is such a great deal. Is it going to have an iTunes-esque type of format? (probably not, just thinking). I still will never use iTunes again (actually removed it from my computer earlier) as the music purchased from there only works on devices iTunes associated and I do not own an Apple device anymore. (M4A format? maybe I'm doing it wrong haha)

I use Spotify to stream music, preview new music and play my music that I own, then use Amazon or eMusic to purchase my music that I want to own (6.49 or even 11.99 on eMusic for songs that are priced lower than usual). I think there's a way you and a person can get 10$ credit with someone who pays for 2 months consecutively that you refer to it going on...and also I think there's a 20$ credit initially for new accounts.

JasonBloodbourne1995d ago

You can convert music from iTunes to mp3 in iTunes settings. And then use them with other devices

CrimsonessCross1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Yeah, I read something about that...wasn't there a time when it actually was exclusive format? might have been before it was possible to convert.

Oh well, I've only bought 3 songs from iTunes and never used it after that. Thanks for the advice though :) (it's also why I said I'm probably doing it wrong! :P)

PopRocks3591996d ago

Seems weird that they would limit it as just an Xbox service as oppose to a "Microsoft/Windows" service that they could spread across devices. I dunno, that to me seems a bit more convenient.

IronFistChinMi1995d ago

It does spread across Microsoft devices. 360, Win8 and WP8.

gamer78041995d ago

It will also be launching on iOS and android soon. This will be the most compatible music service yet.

PopRocks3591995d ago

Then why name it with the Xbox brand?

IronFistChinMi1995d ago

Because the Xbox brand will now represent all forms of entertainment on their platforms, be it games/video/music.

Treian1996d ago

I just buy all my music of Amazon. :)