Battlefield Heroes Blog - Nailing the Look

Ben Cousins, Senior Producer of BF Heroes writes: "Since Sean Decker (the Battlefield Franchise Executive Producer) had mentioned the idea of war heroes in our first meeting, I had been thinking about the Commando comic books I used to read as a child. These comics were full of over-the-top heroes doing amazing super-human deeds, and they had simple comic-book art-style. I also spoke to Lars Gustavsson, the DICE studio Creative Director, and he mentioned to me an idea he had while working on Battlefield 1942 – he imagined a 'toon' Battlefield game, where a direct hit with a tank shell would just leave a pair of smoking boots on the ground. DICE's games have a long history of stylized graphics, with Codename Eagle's cartoon characters, the bright fun colors of Midtown Madness 3, and Battlefield 1942's style which was influenced by the very same WWII comics I'd read as a boy. Given these directions, I set Gustav to work."

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