Top 6 Games You Should Definitely Buy this November

GamingVogue writes: Most big games are usually released at the end of the year and November 2012 is shaping up to be one of the biggest month's of this year.

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Snookies121997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

No PS Allstars? That game is shaping up to be wonderful.

Already pre-ordered Hitman, I've been with 47 since the beginning, and definitely won't miss out on this one.

Deku-Johnny1996d ago

You don't need to play All-Stars. You could just play Smash Bro's.

DoomeDx1996d ago

Hahaha you are so funny /s.

And if you played one shooter, you have played them all aswell!

seriously im getting sick and tired of people hating on Playstation All Stars because it looks like Super smash brothers. While alot of First Person Shooter games are doing the exact same thing. Which is (in my opinion) a bigger problem.

I will buy PSASBR because i loved the Beta

Snookies121996d ago

Completely different gameplay. It's really easy to tell if you played the beta of Allstars that it's much different. Smash Bros. is great and all, but Brawl has been out for a LONG time. So aside from when friends come over to play, I rarely put it in these days.

Deku-Johnny1996d ago

@DoomeDx - I know you're trying to be sarcastic with the FPS comment but most first person shooters pretty much are the same game just with a different setting.

Shane Kim1995d ago

Deku stop making yourself look like a retard.

chiodos451995d ago

He's right played the beta its a smash clone. Plus it is no all stars where is Crash and Spyro the ones that made Playstation

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Outside_ofthe_Box1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Yeah, Battle Royale should have been on there. It's definitely gonna be good.

MattyG1996d ago

Far Cry 3 comes out in December.

bubblebeam1996d ago

Not for people with peg-legs.

Funny how he would use a picture of Far Cry 3 though, makes you wonder.

FlameHawk1996d ago

I didn't like Far Cry 2 because it was sooo repetitive. However FC3 looks so much better so I might check it out.

Kingdom Come1996d ago

In Europe it releases November 28th, UK November 30th, US December 4th.

GREW50ME1996d ago

List should be called "overhyped games to avoid..."

Faelan1996d ago

And not a single one of those is on my 'must buy' list.

AIndoria1996d ago

Yeah, want to me to sell my house too, probably? :P

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The story is too old to be commented.