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Is the Hate for EA Justified?

EA is not exactly popular with people like us and it's widely known among gamers to be unfriendly and unfair to consumers. But is all the hate they receive really justified? (EA, Industry)

MYSTERIO360  +   1004d ago
yes it is
Blacktric  +   1004d ago
"So to conclude and answer the question in the title – is the hate for EA justified?

Not really. I mean God forbid a business wants to make money right? If you want them to change, let them know with your wallet."

Future EA partner in the making. Their next step should be giving the next Sims expansion and Crysis 3 a 9.6/10. The whole goddamn four short paragraphs are screaming; "EA is a business... Don't like them? Vote with your wallet and don't buy the stuff you don't like, for instance day 1 DLC and it will eventually go away." This is probably one of the worst articles I've read this week. It's like it's written by a child who doesn't know how stuff like this works. I didn't personally get any of the paid Mass Effect 3 DLCs but that didn't stop them from selling more than enough to gurantee EA to make more. What should I do then? Sit on my ass, shut my mouth and say nothing about all the crap, companies like EA and Activision been doing to the whole gaming scene let alone to the business aspect of it?
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Andrespetmonkey  +   1004d ago
Where have I said you should do nothing?
Don't buy their products or support their practices and encourage others to do the same is what I've said. That includes educating others on their practices you dislike.
"I didn't personally get any of the paid Mass Effect 3 DLCs but that didn't stop them from selling more than enough to gurantee EA to make more."
And it's that kind of attitude that's holding change, you're thinking individually rather then collectively.
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dboyc310  +   1004d ago
Now a days everyone wants to just hate companies. Sony, Apple, EA, and the list goes on. Is it justifiable? I dont think so but each to their own.
morkendo23  +   1004d ago
EA, are u guys serious???critierons hotpursuit and now mostwanted those games sucks.
oh, let me guess those 2 are GREAT haaaaaaaa, damn blind fools.
burnout clones is the way?? haaaaaaa, yeah fking right.

EA has not done anything NEW since HOTPURSUIT 2
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nukeitall  +   1003d ago
EA, the company that:

* single handedly introduced online passes to the industry
* (used to before everyone complained) can delete your digital games at will
* bans you from you game, if you get banned on their online forum if EA doesn't like what you say

The list goes on and on. If there is a company that doesn't deserve the hate, it is Activision. They just make rehashes, and killed a few franchies, but they aren't customer hostile like EA.

Damn EA for buying Bioware!!! I love Mass Effect too much, not to buy it. :(
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otherZinc  +   1003d ago
Yes. Absolutely!
Jinkies  +   1004d ago
After what they've done to their franchises...yes...yes it is

I could still put up with an EA game though more then Activisions but at least Activision dosent really deny how greedy and evil they are...EA kind of do.
bubblebeam  +   1004d ago
Why do people say Activision is worse than EA??
Just so you know, I actually own no Activision games this gen. I don't purposely avoid them because it's Activision, it's just that none of their games interest me.

EA has many good games under their belt, but they do everything Activision do and more. Is it a CoD thing?
I don't like CoD, but EA are milking Battlefield and MoH, plus all their sports games, plus disc locked content, online passes, turning games into more casual experiences (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Dead Space).

I'm not attacking you, I just want to hear why some people think Activision is worse. As far as I can see, they both are pretty bad, just that EA has done even more bad.
nukeitall  +   1003d ago
I agree. Activision doesn't do anything consumer hostile, like EA does.
bubblebeam  +   1003d ago

That's what I think. I'm not trying to start an argument, I actually want to hear a legitimate answer.

I think people let the CoD hate get in the way of their decision. I for one don't hate CoD, it just doesn't interest me.
Jinkies  +   1003d ago
because nearly all of Activisions games are average, with little thought put behind them.
spurgeonryan  +   1004d ago
I hate them. Who wrote this pile of .....Oh shit! I know you. You are the famous APM!
Godmars290  +   1004d ago
Can't help but think that EA ruined Mass Effect, the want to make into an ongoing franchise rather than a trilogy, so yes.
jacksonmichael  +   1004d ago
That shouldn't even be up for debate.
BitbyDeath  +   1004d ago
Agreed, i'd rather argue if the hate for Hitler being justified over EA.
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yami930  +   1004d ago
If there's any company out there that deserves hate I'd say its Capcom, they've done little to nothing to make fans of their long time series happy this generation (well I can't speak for everyone, but they top the list for biggest disappointment and worst company to me). EA has done good to me, I love their games, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed, Crysis, and others too. They've seemed to learn things, fix mistakes where they can, and have quality games published.
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Bigpappy  +   1004d ago
Oh yea! In some cases the greed makes them destructive and more of a problem that a friend to gamers. Madden or Mass Effect jump right out at me as examples.
Dunpeal  +   1004d ago
all might be forgiven if they would just unveil a proper Road Rash reboot
mananimal  +   1004d ago
There just 1 of many, but 1 of the Bigger names, there's no doubt I hate EA, as I dont purchase any of the Products, but there other's too, like Activision/Blizzard, Capcom, Microsoft etc, there just as EVIL. The Industry in general has become more anti-consumer imo, its always been greedy & anti-consumer, but they used to try harder to conceal this notion from the Public, not so much any longer.

Its like American public is told we're a democratic country, but the truth is there's nothing really democratic about it, its more a socialist country if anything, are Leaders arent elected, there chosen by the Globalist Cabal, the International Banking Community who Established the Federal Reserve, theyve owned & controlled the Nation since 1926, yet few American Citizens understand this, the Electoral College guarantee's that the will of the people is overrided no matter what or whom we would choose.

American's just close there eyes to the obvious, feeling there's nothing we could do about it in the end. Ignorance is Bliss i guess.

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