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"Episode 4 of the Gamers Rant covers Sony once again, but this time negative. I rant about why Sony is failing to market their PlayStation brand properly."

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GribbleGrunger2209d ago

This is a cultural problem. I haven't watched it but I'm assuming he's talking (in his usual fractured sentence manner) about the FRENCH advert. The American press have no clue what the French like... well, they don't even know that there is a world out here to be honest.

tiffac0082209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

You need to watch the vid Grib, the guy makes a lot of points and it has nothing to do with the French ad too.

@Grib: I guess I just posted first because you were typing more than I did. lol!

GribbleGrunger2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Damn! I never shy away from admitting I was wrong, so... I was wrong. He actually makes some very good points here. The one thing that I have been constantly frustrated by is Sony marketing. Even when they DO advertise in a more straightforward manner, they seem to miss opportunities left, right and centre. The recent advert for LBPKarting is a good example. Yes, they show LBP carts but they show them superimposed on a real motorway most of the advert... and then when they do show the people playing the damn thing, they make them look like idiots, when they should be showing them having 'genuine' fun as a family.

I think Sony should drop the arty farty adverts and just make simple adverts that get the message across. Funnily enough, their LBPVita advert had exactly the same problem. Here we have a game that is never ending, with user created content in the thousands and yet that aspect wasn't even mentioned! How can you overlook the one thing that makes the franchise so appealing? They just made it look like an out and out platformer when that's far from the truth. One visit to the community quickly dispels that idea; with app like games that could grace any phone or tablet. Why didn't they show kids playing it? Why didn't they show kids creating with it? 'Always wanted to make games? LBPVita is for you.'

edit: tiffac008, yeah, I did and you are right.

Ben_Grimm2209d ago

I appreciate it when you admit your wrong but I really wish you would at least read/watch the articles before going into Sony defense mode.

And why the jab at America, I think you will find that we are well aware of the world outside especially since America mainly consists of different cultures and practices from all over the world.

adorie2209d ago

We are too patriotic to see outside our own bubble, at times.

I don't mean to generalize, but the majority has no clue beyond stereo types, about the outside world.

Melting pot or not.

GribbleGrunger2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

It wasn't intended to be a jab at Americans, but rather a jab at the American Gaming press that constantly relate news to the American people as if it's 'world' news. There are many naive people in the UK for exactly the same reasons. Our press and news channels only show us what they want us to believe, not what is actually happening in the world. The only difference is that the American press has made a fine art out of it.

You are right of course, I should have watched it first, but ironically I was watching a video posted over at VGChartz about the Illuminati and aliens LOL. God, the answer is so obvious, but when religious people get involved, sense flies out of the window.

'The [American press] have no clue what the French like... well, they don't even know that there is a world out here to be honest.'

Not Americans in general.

Knight_Crawler2209d ago

Am I the on;y one who found the Battle Royal fight advert boring a little low budget? Also the AC VITA advert on the subway train was like WTF Sony just show the dam game.

Knight_Crawler2209d ago

WTF is this Sony? Please do not tell me its art -_-

Blankman852209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Yet again, in his haste to engage SONY defense mode, Gribble put his foot in his mouth. Also takes a stab at the American press as well, decrying their ignorance (oh the sweet sweet irony of it all)
You need to slow your roll gribbs
Lets find out what the French press this of this shall we?
Original article :
Turns out, cultural differences aside, sexist is sexist. Who would have thunk it?

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GrahamGolden2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

sony have the best games out there easily...they need more promo's

SonyNGP2209d ago

This isn't a doom and gloom article, butthurt fanboy.
And nice edit.

stage882209d ago

I just don't like Playstation's marketing at all. Don't get me wrong, I have a PS1, 2 PS2's and 2 PS3's in my house but I just hate Sony's 'weird' marketing eg. Vita boobs.

However, what they did completely right was this ad.

It showcases the entire systems features, corporates gameplay of exclusive games and is very creative. I believe they need to do stuff like this for all their ads. One for the hardcore gamer like the commercial i linked to and another showcasing family oriented casual features/games eg. Netflix, blu ray and Wonderbook etc.

I know everyone loved the 'Michael' commercial but for the average person watching TV, I doubt they would even know its a Playstation advert if it didn't say 'PS3' afterwards.

smashcrashbash2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

That is the point of a commercial .To hold your attention until the end. If they started off telling you it was a PlayStation commercial you would turn to another channel. But you are want to watch it to see what the advertisement is about.They do it all the time to make sure you watch the whole commercial even if you don't want to. It's not like it is anything new. It's a classic advertising technique.The Micheal commercial was perfect. It made you watch the whole thing until you found out what it was advertising for at the end.You talk as if no one in advertising has ever done that before. Most game commercials you don't know what it is until they say it at the end. In the last Gears of War commercial no average person would know what they were advertising unless the put Gears of War 3 at the end. So I don't see your point.

stage882209d ago

The thing is you're missing my point.

We are now in a world where consumers want something straight away. They don't want to wait and time is precious. This is clearly evidenced with

1. Netflix
2. On demand TV from broadcasters

Lastly (this a big one) many people TiVo their favourite programmes and skip through the ads. A phenomenal trend has emerged that people are now using other electronics while watching TV at the same time. e.g. mobile phone/laptop. This also means adverts have far less of an impact to your average person.

This is why Sony need to advertise their product fast and straight to the point without their potential customer becoming disinterested and switching channel or to another gadget. People do not want to wait around watching some long drawn-out commercial to see what product it is. The world is changing. Think about the 'Skip advert' button before YouTube videos. People can't wait to click it.

I have a specialised degree in Marketing and have studied many forms of advertising and the psychology behind them. I really believe if Sony change their way of Marketing; their product revenue would significantly rise as well as their overall company profile.

UltraVegito2209d ago

Sony makes great handhelds/console but they need to realize people need to know of its existence for it to sell well.
their marketing division shown many ads that confuses the consumer rather that interest them.
They need to simply show the amazing capabilities of the handheld/console rather making it complex.

mcstorm2209d ago

Sony need to do this throughout the company. Go back to 2000 and sony were at the top of there game in more or less every market. Phones consoles tvs hifis mini disk players and more but then everyone caughtup and sony just thought that the name SONY was the reason why people bought tthere technology and because they stopped pushing things they lost out in alot of markets like they have done with the ps3 amd now the psv.

I live in the UK and everyone knows who sony are but not many of them know what new products they have out and on the gaming side people see alot more 3ds and 360 adds on the tv than sony ones.

If you look across the technology world everyone now has advertising departments. Look at microsoft over the past 5 years they have been showing off windows 7 office and even Internet Explorer adverts because of they way apple have become bigger than them with the ios devices.

Sony are going through alot of changes at the moment and i think they can pull everything around but i do think if sony have a bad start with the ps4 and the psv flops this could be enough for them to drop out of the market.

I dont want to see this but microsoft really hurt sony this gen by what they have done to get market share off of them and now with nintendo microsoft and sony goi g for the core and none core market it could hurt sony even more if they dont start to price there consoles right and start advertising there technology the right way.

us_army2209d ago

Perfectly stated, I will buy Sony Products as I know they are high quality and well made. However, the average consumer today, will look at the price tag, and the vast options available now across the board for many products now.

ceballos77mx2209d ago

They need to copy from the king of ads, MS that surface commercial probably got a lot of teens getting it for Christmas.

SilentNegotiator2209d ago

You mean the commercial where they throw a bunch of tablets around and attach and detach the keyboard over and over?

Riiiiiight. Those teens were probably like "Dude, radical! I want one! Cowabunga!"

I can practically hear Marvin the Martian follow up that commercial with "Isn't that lovely? hmmm?"

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