Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Preview from PALGN

PALGN writes:

"A decade on, and Rainbow Six Vegas, the most recent game in Ubisoft's franchise, has spawned a sequel, Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Though the French publisher isn't attempting to reinvent the wheel with their latest title like last time, they are refining and retooling various elements of the game to ensure that it will be even closer to perfection then the original Vegas."

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alan0013750d ago

wat about a review? its coming out next month and im not sure if im getting it or not

Kleptic3750d ago

not convinced yet...CoD 4 has taken over the realistic shooter by far imo...better balancing...hardcore modes make it just as realistic...and the aiming system of CoD 4 totally blows the cover system of Vegas away...

the outfitting in Vegas is better though...customizing your character entirely is better than just picking a weapon w/ a few options...the perks of CoD 4 are cool, but not very balanced...there are 2 or 3 combos per game type that are vastly superior (not using stopping power is pretty much a death wish in anything but the hardcore shouldn't be that way...even with Juggernaut, a few shots to the chest puts a guy down...that should happen shouldn't have to waste a perk to not unload a clip into a dude)