The Highest Rated Game Ever Is Now...Super Mario Galaxy?! Not A Chance.

Super Mario Galaxy for Wii is one of the best games this generation in my humble opinion and it's one of those games I wont ever forget playing or completing.

Game-Modo was told today (02/11/2012) that Super Mario Galaxy is now the highest rated game ever. So Game-Modo decided to do some investigating and found that GameRankings had indeed now listed it as the highest rated game. Are you being serious?

Check out why Game-Modo think Super Mario Galaxy should not be the highest rated game ever.

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DivineAssault 2150d ago

Nintendo does know how to make great games.. Polishes em to near perfection too leaving em virtually glitch/bug free..

GameTechZero2150d ago

Agreed but would you class Super Mario Galaxy 2 as the highest rated game ever? What frustrates me is now many sites are claiming Super Mario Galaxy is the best game ever. Being the highest rated does not make it the best game ever either. Its a great game though.

PS-ADDICT2150d ago

SAN ANDREAS or Vice City deserves that

Temporary2150d ago

They deserve it because of the quality of the game and the demographic.

GTA would never win best game ever, because it's adults only. While both kids and adults can enjoy Mario Galaxy games and appreciate it.

Whoever disagrees that Super Mario Galaxy deserves its praise is one of the kids who just started gaming last gen and only know CoD and Halo.

Only REAL gamers understand WHY Mario Galaxy is considered the best. Whether you agree with it or not is your own opinion, but the overwhelming majority has spoken.

Baka-akaB2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

That's a ridiculous claim . For starters your "overwhelming majority" precisely started this gen or the previous one . Stop pretending it's something only some "elite" would get .

In my case , while i find it great , i dont see it as superior to previous Mario games like 64 or even Super Mario World . Aside of course from obvious tech evolutions and refinements .

3-4-52150d ago

Exactly. Not too many Nintendo games need patches.

FanMan2150d ago

Debating over whether or not the game is "the greatest game ever" is pointless because that title is completely subjective. There is no definitive "greatest game" and there never will be because it is all based on ones own opinion, and no aggregate site is going to change that.

DigitalAnalog2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

It is the highest rating game this gen due to:

A) Achieving excellent gameplay on a control scheme that is considered a "gimmick". No console today or before has every achieved this. This is like having a Kinect game destroying AAA games like Uncharted or Gears with it's motion control scheme.

B) Redefining the aesthetics of the character with brilliant engrossing levels in utilize a planetary environment with such finese detail.

C) Ignores the AAA mindset that is plaguing this gen: Blockbuster style graphics and repeat ad-naseum gameplay. Despite it's underpowered "hardware", Mario Galaxy shines not only in graphics but having a solid 60 FRAMES PER SECOND gameplay to back it up.

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TooTall192150d ago

Galaxy is one of my least favorite Mario games. I'd rather have 64, World, Sunshine, or Paper Mario.

Blastoise2150d ago

Super Mario 64 is loads better

Nerdmaster2150d ago

I really hope you're joking.

GameTechZero2150d ago

I like Galaxy but like you said its not the best mario dude :)

Samus HD2150d ago

yeahh not the best mario... but the best game ever (that's what the score say, and i agree)

wishingW3L2150d ago

scores say that Killzone 2 is better than Halo 4 (and by a pretty wide margin) and that simply isn't true.

Samus HD2150d ago

it's true that there are some overrated and underrated games. But in this case (SMG) I agree

XabiDaChosenOne2150d ago

Highest rated game yet it won less awards than uncharted? Something ain't right...

GameTechZero2150d ago

It dosent add up does it? I find it really strange also.

stragomccloud2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

Thats because average gamers now are suckers for cinematics. It makes it easier for the player to feel like they are going through something with the characters. Something Mario is devoid of. Mario has pure amazing gameplay down in spades. That is why it claims number one.

Picnic2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

People are suckers for cinematics because they're afraid of playing anything that looks like a toy. Insecure people who never develop their inner child will never develop their inner adult either. What they fail to realise is that all those 'grown up' things that they crave like sports cars are also just toys really. Toys that help them to get places and be noticed. People put away what they regard as their 'childish pursuits' because of nothing more than ego and selfish ambition - the desire to be seen as serious and sexy which, in most people's hands, should be regarded as laughable aims because most people lack the intellect and sensuality to be either. Really, the likes of Mario and Banjo Kazooie should be on school cirriculums as an example of spacial awareness and puzzle solving through their artistic level design.

stragomccloud2149d ago

Thank you picnic for articulating yourself so well. I believe your comment represents perhaps the most well thought out and intelligent comment that N4G has ever seen. That said, have you thought about writing an piece online about the issue, or submitting an academic paper on the topic?

omarzy2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

Uncharted has a crap load of awards, but have you looked at them?

A lot of them consist of best graphics/visuals. A wii game won't win that.

Best voiced acting. A Mario game does not win voice acting.

Best use of, best whatever for a PS3 game. Wii games don't win ps3 awards.

Some are for technical achievements and multiplayer.

Most are game of the year, but they are released 2 year apart.

wishingW3L2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

don't try to spin it. Uncharted has won more GOTY's than any other game and winning GOTY has nothing to do with graphics.

omarzy2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

Spin it? You really think Mario not winning best ps3 game is spinning it? You think mario galaxy released in 2007 not winning a 2009 goty is spinning it? You think Best voice acting not being given to a game without voices is spinning it?

Nobody is spinning anything. Mario is just a higher rated game. You can spin it all you want, but that will not change.

If they were released in the same year, and nominated for the same awards, then something would be fishy.

Galaxy 2 also has a higher rating, GTA4 has a higher rating. Awards don't mean you have the best ratings.

ALLWRONG2150d ago

Most of the awards Uncharted got are from Sony mags or pro Sony sites.

Nice try though

MrBeatdown2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

Out of over 150 awards, less than a dozen are from "Sony mags or pro Sony sites". Well, unless you consider just about every site out there a pro Sony site.

"Nice try though"

Ben_Grimm2149d ago

Yea, something isn't right, with Uncharted.

With all the high scores and user reviews you would think Galaxy would have won those. Just goes to show that all these GOTY doesn't really mean a thing when it comes to what the actual users think.

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stragomccloud2150d ago

It is an amazing game. Though most people who call themselves gamers probably just dismissed it and never actually gave it a shot. Nor the Wii for that matter. That said I think Ocarina of Time is the better game. Diffetence now is there were less reviewers back in the day.

XXXL2150d ago

Not even close to being the best Mario game ever, let alone amongst other franchises throught the years

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