Ten of the Most Cunning Villains in Video Game History

Our intrepid heroes have fought long and hard to make their way to this point. They’ve devastated every mook and lieutenant that’s been thrown at them; they’ve exploited every single flaw they could find in the antagonist’s machinations, and they have, for all intents and purposes, emerged victorious.

Well, except for one tiny, troublesome detail: the villain wanted them to succeed.

Here’s a tribute to a few of the most manipulative, most intelligent, and most effective villains from throughout video game history.

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Cam9771866d ago

Alone, they're easy however; when fought together, they make up for the other's weakness which I believe gives them the #1 spot.

Canary1866d ago

...Do you know what the word "cunning" means? Or the word "villain?" Because Ornstein and Smough are neither.

As for the list here, it's a good one. Well, aside from The Illusive Man. He... couldn't be described as cunning at all, and only barely passed muster as a villain.

I'd replace him with Marcello from Dragon Quest VIII, though he was a bit less of a villain and a bit more of an anti-hero.

Cam9771866d ago

I know they push the boundaries a bit too far but I really can't think of anyone who is "cunning". In films, yes, but games, no.

Lord_Sloth1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

I'd say Liquid Ocelot is quite cunning.

hazelamy1865d ago

no mention of Frank Fontaine?

i can't really say what he did, because, well, spoilers.
but damn,that bastard's sneaky.