Zelda Ocarina of Time Dethroned?

For years, many gamers have all agreed to one simple fact: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64 was one of the greatest games, if not the best, in video game history. Since its release in 1998, many other games have laid claim its title and failed. This time around, however, a game has come along that may finally achieve what so many others could not: “But what game?”

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Jon_Fu_2234d ago

Dudes, Zelda is number one and will never get dethroned. 0.01%?? seriously??

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HammadTheBeast2234d ago

Thing is, there is never only 1 amazing game. There's tons of genres, styles, and preferences. Some would say Final Fantasy VII is the best game ever. Some would say Pokemon is. Others would say that Ocarina of Time, or Uncharted, or Halo, or any other game are the best. Ocarina of Time is an amazing game. But no game can truly be "the best".

BadboyCivic2233d ago

OOT is a great game. So was Metal Gear Solid, COD4, RE4,FF78910,Super Mario 3,Uncharted 2,Contra3,Mass Effect 2, Arkham City, Socom, KOTOR and much more... all are great games,

Knight_Crawler2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Majoras Mask is better than Ocarina of Time.

Proof provided

HammadTheBeast2233d ago

No game is "better" than another. It all comes down to preference. Unless the game is crap lol.

wishingW3L2233d ago

to me Majora's Mask is easily one of the most boring and tedious games that I have ever played in my life. No joke, the game's really really really tedious and boring....

legodarthvader2234d ago

and here I thought E.T. on atari was number 1 in the world. Jokes.

Makes sense to me though, Mario Galaxy is a newer game, with better production and a stronger system. Plus its fun.

I understand the nostalgia Zelda brings.. but still, its a little dated

XB1_PS42234d ago

Haha, dated. I'd say it's held up pretty well over the past 14 years.. If you're talking graphics, then yeah. Now, with 14 years of advancements in technology the game doesn't hold up well with modern visuals.

Although: the story, the gameplay, the level design, the open world, the memorability, the characters, the amount of variety, the innovation and so much more would not only hold their own with modern games, but would destroy them.

greatcrusader442233d ago

Srsly, I replayed the game on my n64 this summer and it's crazy how good the game plays after 12 yrs of game innovations. Games like Goldeneye have lost pretty much all enjoyment due to how terrible the controls are compared to games nowadays, while OoT is still flawless in it's control scheme. Graphics are dated of course but it still provides a great atmosphere with the music and art style.

Won't lie though that I prefer it's sequel Majoras Mask cuz IMO it had a darker atmosphere and loved it's music more (Last Day is amazing)

Conzul2233d ago

The most memorable thing to me about OOT is the boss fights, but especially the music. Oh God! That damn music! Never leaves my head if I'm ever dumb enough to revisit it.

Bolero of Fire
Saria's Song
Nocturne of Shadow

Oh man....shivers dude.

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candybooty2234d ago

I unno, I'm a huge OOT supporter...there's a place in my heart reserved for this game for all time

gemugurl2234d ago

Ur nickname is funny lol

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