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Joey Gladstone3590d ago

Until I saw this article I had COMPLETELY FORGOT all about Vigilante 8........what a great franchise, and a worthy series next to the Twisted Metal Type Genre.........COME ON GIVE US A NEXT GEN VIGILANTE 8!!!!..
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

InMyOpinion3589d ago

I loved Vigilante 8. The second one wasn't as good though. The first one took everything good about Twisted Metal and made it better.

bizzy123590d ago

this is getting bougth the first day.i hope it have coop like the ps2 version

Bull5hifT3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

it only came out on ps1 and dreamcast

i googled and .....PC, and game boy color too

InMyOpinion3589d ago

"In addition to local split-screen mode, multiple players will be able take their car-crushing skills online, competing and/or teaming up with other V8 players the world over!"

" * Five newly designed, highly interactive arenas, using Bezier patch technology for maximum surface smoothness!
* Eight gorgeous, highly varied ‘70s vehicles, rendered using advanced metallic shaders at 10,000+ polygons each
* Classic V8 character personas and unique special weapons
* Six standard weapon pick-ups with three advanced attacks each, featuring both ‘classic’ (combo) and ‘casual’ (charge-up) input methods
* Multiple collectible power-ups and ‘salvage points’
* User-customizable car paint color
* Advanced car physics for hyper-semi-realism and ultra high replay value — easy to pick up, difficult to master!
* Spectacular pyrotechnic, destruction effects, and physics-driven interactive hazards
* Single player modes against advanced bot AI
* Local split-screen modes up to four players
* Online multiplayer with up to eight human players
* Voice and (hopefully) camera support
* Leaderboards, achievements, unlockable secrets, and more!
* Free and premium extra downloadable content planned...

The game is currently slated for April 2008 release."

Eclipticus3590d ago

V8 is cool. a perfect edition for XBA.... and since its not likely MS will get Twisted Metal. this is just as good and better than Full Auto.

RenegadeValkyrie3590d ago

I love playing Vigilante 8: Second Offence on the N64, such cool and unique characters. I never really liked twisted metal, but Vigilante 8 was always my favorite.

ichimaru3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

this game any good?

Method3589d ago

Very good.

As long as the multiplayer has all the basics, I'm buying.

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