Bethesda revealing new Skyrim DLC on 11/5, teaser image released

Bethesda will reveal their newest DLC for Elder Scrolls Skyrim on November 5. They released a teaser image and will post a trailer on Monday.

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Myst1994d ago

Well if all else fails and we don't get this one on the PS3 I guess I and perhaps some others who have yet to jump on the game can get the GoTY edition. Just a shame if we would have to wait until that time to get the DLC.

Larry L1994d ago

I read the description of that new version of the game that was announced (it's not called GOTY Edition, it's called something else which escapes my mind just now), and nowhere in the description does it say any of the DLC is's just a bunch of "collectible" crap like the map, guide and other stuff.

Personally, I don't care that I couldn't get the DLC (since I'm a PS3 gamer). Even if it did release on PS3 I wouldn't have bought it because it all sems either over-priced or useless.

There is just one single thing in the DLC that I'm pissed that I'm missing out on, and that's the Werewolf skill tree. That's all I want, and I sure as hell wouldn't pay $15 or 20 for it, whatever that DLC costs.

Bethesda should patch the Werewolf skill tree into the PS3 version for free to make up for being such d-bags towards their PS3 fanbase.

Myst1993d ago

Yeah I know it's not the GoTY edition coming up it's supposed to be like a re-launch of the special edition or something akin to that.

Honestly I sold the game back for another game (sadly can't remember) but if I kept it and saw all this dlc I would be upset at least slightly.

Though there is quite a few things that I feel they should probably do because of the lack of dlc on the PS3.

Awesome_Gamer1993d ago

God, i fucking hate Bethesda..

Aznreddneck811994d ago

If it does come out on PS3 it better be discounted.

sdozzo1994d ago

No chance on a discount.

LAWSON721994d ago

Ya they should give you a discount when they have to work extra hard and spend more time to please their customers when any other developers or publishers just say screw you it isnt happening. If anything you should give them extra cash for trying so hard and using tons of their resources to please you.

Heisenburger1994d ago

Well, other developers don't seem to even have these problems so....

Jinkies1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

So will this be the "Shivering Isles" of Skyrim or just another DLC thats bigged up yet in the end is a little dissapointing.

Hopefully it's a massive expansion, theres still so much to add to Skyrim.

nrvalleytime1994d ago

It'll be the Dragonborn DLC we've been hearing about for some time... though I'm hoping that we get to return to Morrowind.

Scrivlar1993d ago

Just a theory but I'd bet were staying in Skyrim because the picture released looks a lot like a Dragon priest, or some sort of special, more powerful one.

MariaHelFutura1994d ago

His mouth looks like a vagina.

hennessey861994d ago

What kind of vaginas have you been looking at :D

MariaHelFutura1994d ago

One's that want to kill you.....

WeskerChildReborned1994d ago

Hmm looks cool but is it coming to PS3?

Skate-AK1994d ago

Nah don't see that happening.

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The story is too old to be commented.