Assassin's Creed III Liberation Review (Planet PlayStation)

A good, not great, way to start the franchise on the Vita.

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UltimaEnder2231d ago

Finally a good, original game for the Vita - get it!

Myst2231d ago

Definitely! Well along with Ragnarok Odyssey, but if this trend keeps up I'm going to need a car charger and others for the Vita.

DivineAssault 2230d ago

My vita just ran out of juice when i was getting to a good part of the game ;(
I guess ill have to wait til morning to continue cuz i hate playing while plugged in.. Ragnarok odyssey is nx!

Myst2230d ago

Haha that was the only way for me to play. I kept getting to half then 25% battery life left so I just decided to keep it plugged in.

r212230d ago

Finally got mine, game is gorgeous despite tiny jaggies here and there :) Do not like the Lady persona, so restricted...

Raccoon2230d ago

"Lady big butt persona" It's annoying and slow to say the least it got to the point where I just went MADD as soon as I can go back to the assassin persona and so I killed every soldier near my path in the most brutal way I could and as a cherry on top I killed the only 2 civilians i could so I don't desynchronize...

Note: don't buy that expensive 4 barrel pistole(é100,000) as you will destroy everything in your path with ease and finish the game in no time... Take my advice readers wiping out whole troops and missions from a roof top in a matter of seconds is not fun :o( I will re-beat the game with only luxury axe and sword...

r212230d ago

Hahaha lady butt persona XD Thanks for the tip! Dont worry, gonna take my sweet time with this game >:D

jek72230d ago

i kinda like the gameplay of assassins creed liberation but what i really don't like about this game is the bugs and framerate issues (even with the patch)

tiffac0082230d ago

I just got the game and will sync it with the console version to unlock the extra content. I can't say much right now since I'm still way early in the game.

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