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Assassin's Creed III Liberation Review (Planet PlayStation)

A good, not great, way to start the franchise on the Vita. (Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation, PS Vita) 7.5/10

UltimaEnder  +   617d ago
Finally a good, original game for the Vita - get it!
Myst  +   617d ago
Definitely! Well along with Ragnarok Odyssey, but if this trend keeps up I'm going to need a car charger and others for the Vita.
DivineAssault  +   616d ago
My vita just ran out of juice when i was getting to a good part of the game ;(
I guess ill have to wait til morning to continue cuz i hate playing while plugged in.. Ragnarok odyssey is nx!
Myst  +   616d ago
Haha that was the only way for me to play. I kept getting to half then 25% battery life left so I just decided to keep it plugged in.
r21  +   616d ago
Finally got mine, game is gorgeous despite tiny jaggies here and there :) Do not like the Lady persona, so restricted...
Raccoon  +   616d ago
"Lady big butt persona" It's annoying and slow to say the least it got to the point where I just went MADD as soon as I can go back to the assassin persona and so I killed every soldier near my path in the most brutal way I could and as a cherry on top I killed the only 2 civilians i could so I don't desynchronize...

Note: don't buy that expensive 4 barrel pistole(é100,000) as you will destroy everything in your path with ease and finish the game in no time... Take my advice readers wiping out whole troops and missions from a roof top in a matter of seconds is not fun :o( I will re-beat the game with only luxury axe and sword...
r21  +   616d ago
Hahaha lady butt persona XD Thanks for the tip! Dont worry, gonna take my sweet time with this game >:D
jek7  +   616d ago
i kinda like the gameplay of assassins creed liberation but what i really don't like about this game is the bugs and framerate issues (even with the patch)
tiffac008  +   616d ago
I just got the game and will sync it with the console version to unlock the extra content. I can't say much right now since I'm still way early in the game.
GribbleGrunger  +   616d ago
I know that a lot of reviews have given this game low scores, but it's an open world game on a handheld... a handheld. Just take that in: 'open world game on a handheld'.

These reviews should reflect that and rather than comparing it to it's console counterpart, it should be compared to other 'handhelds'.

And these are 1st generation games on the Vita too. If you are going to compare it to consoles then at least have the honesty to compare it to 1st generation console games, not 6th and 7th generation console games. So basically these reviewers are comparing it to a console that many people believe has been maxed out. Could the Vita possibly emulate a console that has supposedly been maxed out?

These reviewers need a reality check.
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