Stock Low For Xbox 360 Hardware As NPD Approaches

Dave Jenkins from Gamasutra writes:

"Just days before monthly hardware and software sales data is expected to be released from research firm NPD Group, Microsoft has revealed that shortages of Xbox 360 hardware across the U.S. could have an adverse affect on overall sales for the industry."

"Speaking to Reuters, Xbox head of global marketing Jeff Bell commented: "We are really running short of product here in the United States. You could say we misjudged demand."

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niall773717d ago

maybe the ps3 did something crazy and is outselling it in the US :O

Mr_Kuwabara3717d ago

I don't know; I mean, the PS3 is selling a little bit more each week in world-wide sales and I haven't seen Sony complain about stock problems.

Genuine3716d ago

The shortage is only in N.A. The 360 outsold the ps3 by 600,000 units in December in N.A.

LightningPS33716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

It was not 600,000.

look it up.

fenderputty3716d ago

you're off by about 180k units there Genuine. Semi-Ironic that your name is genuine when you spout off blatant uninformed crap.

power of Green 3717d ago

#1. I don't agree with Unless VG-charts is even more worthless than I thought PS3 hasn't done anything to beat the 360 in the US.

MSFT isn't making this up depending where you are 360's are hard to find sometimes even more so with the Prem and Elites.

kurochi3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

I don't believe this for 1 min.

They have the premium and or elite online at:
Circuit (of all places)
PC Richardson
WALMART.COM (home shopping network)

It looks like the only place with "low stock" for a 360 premium/elite is on the West Coast. This low stock is blown out of proportion.....

If you don't believe it, go to their websites and do a simple search.

Low stock my arse!!!

Edit @ Bzone24:

Nobody is forcing you to buy the 360 in Ohio.... Don't tell me that there isn't a Circuit City/Walmart/Sears in Ohio? Most of these internet stores ships the consoles for free. There is no "low stock" for the 360 except maybe the West Coast.

Bzone243716d ago

There hasn't been an Elite in stock in the area in Southern Ohio that I live in since before Christmas. Hasn't been a Pro/Premium for a month or so. Only thing you can find is Arcade and it's actually getting scarce.

I must not have gotten the memo of Ohio now being on the West coast.

uxo223716d ago

To be honest with you, twice in January and Once in February, I have seen Amazon sell out of the 360. I look there all the time for deals so I always look at up and movers and best sellers. As a matter of fact 3 days ago, amazon was out of the 360.

Also notice when you look at the premium on Amazon, it's not being offered by Amazon, it being offered by JR music and computer world. Because Amazon don't have them in stock.

I also went to our local walmart and noticed that they only had the halo 3 editions, elites and premiums were out.

It's funny how when Sony says something, it's the truth with you guys, yet you're always saying MS is lying. Besides I think they would know more about their stock than you would.

power of Green 3716d ago

Is trying to twist what is going on. He's a Sony fan that has posted a Duplicate story ignoring the fact two differnt posts with different comments attached probably showed up durring the DUP check considing he even used both DUP story checks/filters.

He chooses the best DUP story he can find with the wording or tone he likes best that suits his anti MSFT agenda.

kurochi3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

@ uxo22 & power of Green:
@ power of Green: I am a video game fan, not strictly a Sony fan.

I never mentioned anything about Sony or the PS3. Stop making this a fanboy issue. I have a 360 and I like it. I just don't buy this crap about MS not having enough stock in their 360.

So here's the real question for you two, if Amazon (JR) both have them re-stocked quickly (as you said that the 360 version you're looking at is out of stock twice in Jan and once in Feb and they're in stock now), how do you explain Amazon/JR restocking them so quickly if there is a low-stock alert from these articles? Clearly, this line of reasoning is against the practice of Amazon/JR in restocking quickly for the 360? Don't you guys agree that is a legitimate question?

No? If you don't think so, I would gladly hear your side of the argument? Prove me wrong and I'll admit it.

uxo223716d ago

It's not an issue of tryin to prove you wrong. Amazon normally stock their own xboxes when their stock runs out they typically allow a merchant that is registered with them to sell through their site.

IT's not a theory about Amazon running out of stock, they actually did, and are currently out of stock right now. Some places I'm sure has some stock left over, simple because their volume is not as high. I went to buy something from Amazon in the past and cancel the order because the merchant that was selling through Amazon wanted too much for shipping. A week later Amazon got it back in stock, I bought it from them and saved 35 dollars.

Also, I never called you a Fanboy, but, I will say this, whether you buy it or not; MS said that they are having stock issues. Why is that so hard for you to believe? Do you not believe that nintendo are having stock issues?

It doesn't matter, I'm not here to battle you on a matter of whether MS is lying or not, I was just challenging how quickly you were to call them liars. Whatever man.

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ThaGeNeCySt3716d ago

lol damage control before January NPD?

heyheyhey3716d ago

that statement sounds a lot like it yeah

weren't the NPD numbers supposed to come through today?

pp3716d ago

well i'm not surprised xbox360 shortages.because in the game stores there are hardly any xbox360 systems. except loads of ps3 systems gathering dust

lawman11083716d ago

and EVERY store only has a few Halo3 or arcade units. Premiums AND Elites have been as scarce as a PS3 sale around here.