4 Things Every Gamer Should Do In Assassin’s Creed III

The release of the new Assassin’s Creed III is an epic refreshing game to the series. Its new setting, 18th century North America, provides new opportunities for players to experience and explore. With this amazing new assassin game we came up with 4 things every gamer should do in Assassin’s Creed III.

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Pintheshadows2208d ago

The incidental details in this game are fantastic. Birds migrating, butterflies, orphan bear cubs wrestling (my bad), elk locking horns, snow covered trees swaying during a blizzard, the way ships creek, the ambient noises of a city etc etc.

It's wonderful and when it all comes together it is unparalleled in its scope and beauty.

Nimblest-Assassin2208d ago

When you shoot near goats, they all tip over. The amount of detail they put in is incredible

The amount of ambition they put into this game is amazing.... yeah it eclipsed Borderlands 2 for me as the best game of the year

uehc2208d ago

It's a wonderful game

vork772208d ago

i do what i want in this game when i want

Sniperwithacause2208d ago

With NFS and ZOEHD I'm busy doing my own speed.

Heisenburger2208d ago

Do you feel the need?........

The need for speed?

grailly2207d ago

and that's, precisely, my gibbest gripe with the game: you can't. Most missions are heavily scripted and you have to do exactly what developers intended you to do.

vork772207d ago

thats why i do the mission when i want

hilmart2208d ago

I think that number 1 and 3 (maybe 2) are in the main story, so everyone will experience it...

phantomexe2208d ago

I found this rock that was preety high about the time my wife looked over at the TV and she was just in all of the beauty. I was looking out at the wilderness and the detail was just.... you can't setup those moments, she was in tears asking if you can travel there. i told her it's and open world and now she has my ps3. I'll never forget it, the game that made my wife tear up.

grailly2207d ago

wut? really? further objects look kinda murky imo. I was kinda disappointed with how the game looked actually.