Wal-Mart Canada To Carry Exclusive PS Vita & PS3 Bundles This Holiday

When it comes to Sony consoles this holiday, Wal-Mart Canada has you covered if you’re planning on buying a system for your family.

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Etseix2204d ago

AW CMON! D: my ps3 just died on me after 5 long years, and i want a vita too. importing~ importing~

kma2k2204d ago

Dont forget about importing fees, not everyhing comes across the border for free!

guitarded772204d ago

It's not a PS3 and Vita bundle... it's a PS3 bundle and a Vita bundle they're talking about.

Silly gameAr2204d ago

:( Why just Canada? This would be awesome if it was worldwide.

Skate-AK2204d ago

I'm surprised that the PS3 isn't the 500gb version.

KidCuDiWINS2204d ago

That Epic Mickey bundle should be 500gb, since there is a 500gb bundle with AC3 for the same price.

Anon19742203d ago

Yeah, I don't know how appealing this is going up against the $249 Kinect bundle. For that extra $50 you get blu-ray, probably a better game and a 250gb hard drive, but the market for this bundle probably doesn't care about those things. If you're buying this for your family, would you care about the harddrive and Blu-Ray - or would the inclusion of Mickey Mouse really persuade the average game buyer to fork over an extra $50?

kneon2203d ago

You also get Move with this bundle so it's actually a good deal.

DivineAssault 2204d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

This is news? a lego bundle & a mickey mouse bundle? smh i thought it was a PS3 + vita bundle lol

maniacmayhem2203d ago

LOL, you know I thought the same thing.

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