IGN: Street Fighter IV update - Second-hand impressions

Powerful publication that it is, Famitsu managed to get some hands-on play time with Street Fighter IV in advance of the game's AOU expo showing this weekend. And not only that, but the site also managed to score a short interview with producer Yoshinori Ono.

The overwhelming impression from the editors was that Street Fighter IV really does feel like Street Fighter II in 3D. One editor joked that it was Street Fighter II-2.

Getting into specifics, one editor commented that the game's combat, while not as fast as some recent 2D fighters, isn't slow either. This editor noted that the characters take a bit of time for their follow through on attacks, so if your opponent misses a blow, you'll have an opportunity to strike.

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Reason3594d ago

(Or rugby, whatever.)

Skerj3594d ago

Oh man, that TOTALLY sounds like Ex now. :(

lonestarmt3594d ago

I know! man I hated how he said he was staying away from SF III and alpha series. The alpha series is my favorite fighting series and IMO SF III third strike is one of the best fighters ever made. Not good. If akuma or sakura aren't in it I will be pissed.

Marceles3594d ago

I knew it would be like that from jump...they should just release this on PSN and Live as Street Fighter EX HD

INehalemEXI3594d ago

I am ambivalent towards this one so far. Will buy it when I can regardless.

meepmoopmeep3594d ago

the more i see/read about it the more i want it... does anyone know what the leading platform is for this one?

Mwaan3594d ago

So I guess the arcade machine. Relax. I don't see either machine having a problem running this game.

bigjclassic3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

the faster landing sounds real nice. You know how someone can jump and use mid-kick to air juggle well, it may be harder to do imo.

So far sounds really good, and he also stated that he wants SF 4 on a number of platforms so my dreams of a Wii version sounds possible.

Looks super nice though.

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