Halo 4 multiplayer playlist finalized, skill ranks will be invisible for now

XMNR: 343 Industries shared Friday the Halo 4 multiplayer playlists that will be available when the game launches next week. The studio also explained the missing skill ranks.

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pompombrum1601d ago

Have to admit, I've been quite critical ever since the mp reveal which read like a new call of duty game. However, the fact they are adding skill ranks is amazing and shows that 343i really do care about their competitive players and really want to make this game enjoyable for EVERYONE including hardcore players. Really excited for this game now.

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LAWSON721601d ago

I really hoped they would have a team objective playlist instead of each gametyor having its own playlist.

Allsystemgamer1601d ago

It's better this way though. You can pick the exact game type you want now. I mean it got annoying playing assault 20 times in a row on the same exact map.