Nintendo wants more aggressive measures against piracy in Latin America

Nintendo USA announced this Thursday (14) that asked for United States Trade Representative to encourage some foreign governments to take more aggressive steps to combat piracy.

The company claims that Latin America "remains a haven for piracy" and cites "extremely high tariffs and taxes in Brazil for videogames", and "widespread corruption in Paraguay and increasing violence in Mexico against authorities who make operations to combat piracy.

Google translated news.

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Diugu3720d ago

I suppose that is reasonable enough.

But lets not forget that in USA there are also an abundance of pirated items and that is not an exclusive Latin American problem.
Just walk around the streets in New York... rest assured you will find a considerable amount of pirated items.

Anyways, those things must be handled as swiftly as possible.

Fux4Bux3720d ago

Or quit charging so much for your low budget trash maybe?

bootsielon3719d ago

You're making sh1tloads of profit because your Wii is too expensive, and yet you want to make even more by restricting the poor from their only possible access to gaming? Screw you. If you eliminate game piracy the poor will not consume your games, they will simply move on to something as cheap as piracy was.