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Top 5 Features We Want in PlayStation 4

The VGutopia staff takes a look at what features they would like to see for the next PlayStation console. (Next-Gen, Sony)

Pillsbury1  +   529d ago
I would definitely like to see how they implement ps plus on ps4, perhaps an instant ps4 game? Xmb will most certainly improve with multi tasking and faster UI. I would expect for backwards compatibility with peripherals such as move and eye toy if they would want to continue to support move, and my wireless 7.1 Sony bluetooth headset. I love those. So excited for the future of gaming in general.
Pwnage18202  +   529d ago
I agree the xmb could have been alot better. But its not horrible.
Pwnage18202  +   529d ago
For me cross game chatting is not that big of a deal. Yes it is pretty awesome playing GOW3 and talking to someone playing uncharted but for me personally i can deal with it. Apparently a crap ton of ps3 gamers cant. Lucky for me I have the first ps3 model the fat 60gb which does support backwards compatibility . But I think that all of the ps3 should have had it so I agree with him on this.

But ps4 will do an awesome job. It wont be no wii-u...... hopefully
SolidDuck  +   529d ago
I think all those things will happen except for maybe backwards compatablity. If the rumors are at all correct the ps4 will not be using the cell structure, and will be going with more of a PC easier to develop for architecture. So i worry that ps3 games won't play on it. Although they might figure out someway around that problem. Like if the ps4 could at least recognize what ps3 disc u put in, even it couldn't play it, but then be able to stream that game it recognizes with there gaikai technology they bought. Or maybe some other way, who knows.
Treian  +   529d ago
meh I don't care about cross game chat. When I play a game, I don't usually don't want someone on the other side distracting me.
darkride66  +   529d ago
I agree, and on top of that I think it's rude. If you want to talk to me, I should be your focus, not some game you're playing. Ever talk to someone on the phone when they're not paying attention because they're doing something else? Makes me want to reach through the phone and slap them. It's just ignorant.

As for this list, I think overall it's ridiculous. More PSN growth? That's a no brainer, don't you think? Of course they're going to continue to grow the PSN. That's like saying "They should put out games for the new PS4." Well, no kidding.

More open system, so hackers can exploit it right out of the gate, steal my personal information and ruin online gaming? Give your head a shake. And you really think the OtherOS was taken away because "one user began to take advantage of it." That's got to be one of the most idiotic statements I read from a site in a long time. All it takes is one criminal to show the others and it's game over. That's like criticising a bank for changing their vault codes because one criminal figured them out.

No mandatory installs - I don't know what future world you live in but in my world games run better off hard drives. I'd much rather this be left up to the developers as a resource that's available to them to have and utilize if they need it then to need it and not have it available.

Cross game chat - we covered. Don't want it. Don't need it, but you know what..throw it in anyway just for those that want it. Just make sure there's an option to disable it. Auto trophy syncing - already got it. It's in PSN+.

As for Backwards compatibility, I could take it or leave it. I never played PSOne games on my PS2, I only played one PS2 game on my PS3. It's not a deal breaker for me.
Treian  +   529d ago
typo *don't usually*
Godmars290  +   529d ago
Sony gave us an open system.
Pirates not only forced them to close it, but then tried to rip open PSN.

Also I don't want to give casual friends the option to barge into a movie or game I'm playing to go play another one.
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Pillsbury1  +   529d ago
That's true if you want Linux go build a custom pc. It's a game machine and entertainment center always. Cross game chat will still be a nice addition, now 360 gamers won't have anything to justify for paying to play online.
BitbyDeath  +   529d ago
The ability to listen to music at any time, eg. playing a game, copying files etc
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   529d ago
All I've got to say is that I hope Sony build something as awesomely built as the 60gig PS3 and DON'T back down from it and extract features later!

The 60gig is their brain child of the PS3. It's the true artist vision for the console, you take away from it... it loses' that specialness!

I just hope if they commit to a console build that they stay with what was truely the vision for the product!
Chug  +   529d ago
Keep the online FREE!!
pedroyamato  +   529d ago
Backward compatibility!
Yo Mama  +   529d ago
I would love to be able to get a text message to my phone when I receive a game invite or when my friends sign in. I think that would be pretty rad.

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