GamesBeat: Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus revives an age of raw, unfiltered 2D fighting (review)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus is both a welcome return and a missed opportunity. While one can argue that an old-school title wasn’t going to have staying power with so many newer fighting games around anyway, the port is more a direct rip of the original disc instead of something to attract modern fans to a classic franchise.

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Lifeequals422237d ago

Oh do I miss those days...when 2D fighters lined the arcades and $5 would last me an entire Saturday with Mortal Kombat II.

Ben_Grimm2237d ago

Why do these smaller Japanese fighting companies (SNK, I'm also looking at you) seem to never include a Lobby Room?

I have more than one friends who love GG and the fact that they only allow one person rooms is unacceptable in this day and age. Especially with fighting legends like Capcom and Netherrelms who have 8 man lobby rooms.

Get with it guys, step yo game up!

NovusTerminus2237d ago

I am surprised that it doesn't... BlazBlue had an online lobby before SF did.

Ben_Grimm2237d ago

Oh really? I could have sworn BlazBlue (at least the first one) did not have a lobby room.

Well regardless, these fighting games need to have this option. I don't know how hard it is to impliment this feature but for an online fighting game this should be a must have.

NovusTerminus2237d ago

BB has always had a lobby, It's really the online fighting game I play online. Which is why I was expecting this to have one. They need to add one, would help the community out allot.

Myst2237d ago

Oh crap forgot this game came out *swipes up the PS3 controller and searches*

ScytheX32237d ago

when is this coming out for PS3? been waiting for a bit first came out on x360, then another psn update came and nothing, even did a search thinking its not in the new released content section and only a psp version is on the store =/

Sephiroushin2237d ago

I have asked millions time not even SONY know the release day which was suppose to be 2 weeks ago!
Japan got the game I won't wait I'll just download it from the Japanese store.

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