What are the possibilities of the next generation of consoles?

OmniGamer writes "What are the possibilities when it comes to the next generation of consoles? To answer that question I think we should look at the current generation of consoles, for clues to what game developers will have to work with regarding game engines."

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Ck1x2237d ago

Prettier versions of games you have now, that's what can be expected... I think each new console will look to expand its realm in being the center of media-hub for the living room! Controlling the way in which we receive our content is paramount and key to winning over the average consumer. WiiU could launch Nintendo to Apple like status with consumers this holiday simply by the features it has built in. Sure Netflix and Hulu apps are every where these days, but TVii will be a major selling point when demonstrated.

black9112237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

PS3 still hasn't been maxed yet

Beyond: Two Souls Looks Better Than any game out there!

(Take a Look)

EmperorDalek2237d ago

I'm still yet to see a real advance in game AI. Better visuals of course a great but where is an intelligent enemy.

Ck1x2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

PS3 is maxed out stop spamming this in every article! The pic you provide is pointless because the definition of details on the character model are low poly count... Just look at the necklace, that looks like someone cut corners to me, just to show a pretty shiny face. Don't get me wrong, i'm sure that this will be one of the better looking PS3 games to date! But its going out on a limb to say that it looks better than any game out there.

Series_IIa2237d ago


Not maxed out yet?

Then I expect to see it in 1080p with a buttery 60 fps.

Autodidactdystopia2237d ago

stop being gay.

ever heard of a bell curve?

thats what your up against. you can probably get another .01% again and again. but youll never get another 25% you're already in the 99th percentile.

its a piece of merchandise and its old.. get over it.

Moncole2237d ago

An open world game uses a lot more power than a scripted game like Heavy Rain and Two Souls thats why scripted games look better.

Sony3602236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Lol. One of those kids who still thinks the Ps3 is some alien hardware with unlimited potential.

"Ps3 still hasn't been maxed out yet".

Good god, get a grip. It's hardware is 7 years old.

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darthv722237d ago

a greater sense of fidelity. Finer details will be what we see more of because we have become accustomed to the bigger picture.

So what will happen is we will get an improved overall presentation on screen that brings us closer to real life. Couple that with an increase in convenience when it comes more app like features we use in every day life.

Next gen wont be about "the power" but about the presentation.

Cam9772237d ago

Games not being limited by RAM, nicer graphics and more players per lobby online.


Why? do you want some many retards playing the same game at in the same lobby as you ? hell i get annoyed with the 16 my console privitizes. Having said that.
More RAM is a definate requirment above all else
had microsoft or sony released a console with more RAM , id be all over it.
Graphics i dont really care to much for
the games i play look decent how the are
its about how the game performs.

Cam9772236d ago

I don't care about graphics because they're fine as they are however; RAM is vital!

TooTall192237d ago

GPU and RAM are going to be a major factor.

FlameBaitGod2237d ago

If you don't have a cpu to complement the GPU, the GPU is pointless.

SAE2237d ago

These what i heard , if there are other things tell me pls

Cpu is a small chip that run everything .
Gpu is a graphical card
Apu is a chip that hold both the cpu and gpu

The last rumour says the ps4 will have the A10 apu chip ..
i searched in google , it isnot that advanced , it runs this generation games with high quality but not higher.

SilentNegotiator2236d ago

While true, it's the GPU and RAM that have been the bottleneck of the PS3/360. Which is why it will be the "major factors"

KingPin2237d ago

when it comes to gameplay, its hard to say. 3D shooters took off following halo on the original xbox. yes, there were many shooters on ps2 but i dont think any as great as halo. this gen cover systems were the rage.

stories seem to be getting deeper. character development, that type of stuff. halo and uncharted had good stories to them.

graphics, i think maybe cgi movies from 3-5 years ago will be in-game graphics next gen. thats normally how it goes. hitting avatar level of graphics which i read a few weeks ago on n4g, i just cant see happening. if it does, il be happy but im not expecting it.

MNGamer-N2237d ago

I think the PS4/720 will have a 800 HP V12 under the hood. With twin Turbos. And it's going to require Jet Fuel and a nuclear reactor to power it. Who cares. You'll know when the fu*king thing comes out. Then let's talk about it.

uneasiest2237d ago

I think it is fun to speculate about the future, as Humans I think it is in our nature to think ahead.

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