Rambo: The Video Game - New Screenshot Unveiled

DSOGaming writes: "Reef Entertainment has released a new screenshots for its Rambo game that is currently planned for a 2013 release."

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ElitaStorm2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

"Rambo: The Video Game" makes the game look so cheap

why not change it to Rambo: First Blood or something else

and btw that screenshot looks good

MikeMyers2230d ago

Could be a cool game though.

2230d ago
Tsar4ever012230d ago

Heh, If it's going to be about Jungle Warfare, than they should've used the CryEngine3. man, I just LUVVVV it's vegetation & lens flare detail.

Dunpeal2230d ago

what screenshot? that looks like concept art

claud32230d ago

i can not judge this... Since i love the films and video game

i need footage to pass judgement