Medal of Honor: Warfighter Gets Update

GotGame: EA has released a new patch for MOH: Warfighter that adds some server fixes.

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JoGam2152d ago

Hopefully the update fixed the Sucked aspect of the game.

ShadowKingx2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Must be another COD Fan Boy.

Enough Said.

Whats the matter you cannot run out and get kills can you. Is it killing you that you have to actually use teamwork in this game rather than play hero every map. Matter a fact. Im glad this game is not like COD I’m tired of see COD copy cats. But like someone said before it's not COD so its going to get hated on either way.

dazzrazz2149d ago

The game did sucked major donkey dick so there is no point coming up with this "cod fanboy" bullshit

ShadowKingx2149d ago


Reread my comment again, and there is my reply to your comment.