Gamers Top ‘Must Haves’ of November

November is one of the top months for the gaming industry of the year. This is the month that has multiple AAA titles a week, and that month the surly dries out the player’s wallets. As the month just started, this year November will prove us no different. The holiday season is quickly approaching and so is the release of the hottest games of the year. So what are the things gamers shouldn’t miss this November? Check out our list below to make sure you are keeping up with the industry and know what you should pick up this November!

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TheSuperior 2204d ago

Im looking forward to the rest of this month so much! I want to buy most every game coming out but probably wont get to because there are so many. hahaha

SheaHoff2204d ago

I still need to catch up on Hitman!

Kal8532204d ago

Hitman: Blood Money was a lot of fun.

SheaHoff2194d ago

Awesome....need to add it to the list

byeGollum2204d ago

All-Stars is all I need. My body is ready.

Halo4xboxdotnet2204d ago

Halo 4 is defiantly the biggest game of November. Maybe all of 2012. At least for Xbox it is. :)

bubblebeam2203d ago

*Looks at display picture*

You would say that wouldn't you? Sadly, that goes to CoD. Halo 4 for me though. The conclusion to Forward Unto Dawn was so amazing, it has me even more pumped for the midnight launch.

I'm not a CoD fan, but I'm curious to see what they are doing with Black Ops 2. Is it heading in the right direction? Either way, my little brother is getting it, so I'll find out.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal and Persona 4 Golden also have my attention, but they are released on the same day. As I'll be online for Halo 4 for quite some time, I might not pick them up till December.

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