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GameTrailers: "There isn’t much out there quite like Zone of the Enders. The first game is the weaker of the two, serving as lukewarm appetizer for the main course. The Second Runner, though, with all its refinements and polished battle system, is certainly worth the price of admission. If you’re looking for an experience that successfully captures the intensity of classic games in a manner seldom explored, lock your sights on this HD collection."

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mi_titan272203d ago

Gamespot rates this a 5.5/10 cant decide if this game is good or bad, wish there was a demo as ive never played the original

Quickstrike2203d ago

it's a good game, rent it at least. Anyway don't bother with the gamespot review, points were taken off for no online multiplayer even though it didn't even have online multiplayer on the PS2 when it came out.

BlaqMagiq242203d ago

Agreed. The games were so good they didn't even need it.

jc485732203d ago

Gamespot did a mistake

7.0 for ZOE HD Collection, 5.5 goes to Silent Hill HD Collection.

ZOE HD isn't that bad. It simply isn't as great as their ps2 counterparts, but the games are playable. It's ok for newcomers, while it's average for fans.