Microsoft is "Bringing it Home" again (GDC)

Microsoft is Bringing it Home again, this time from the upcoming Game Developers Conference. Start Feb 20th, Xbox LIVE will be introduced to breaking news from GDC in the form of demos, HD videos etc

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BigKev453752d ago

bring it, don't sing it!

sonarus3752d ago

Nice. Doubt it will be as good as the E3 one but its still sumthin.

InMyOpinion3752d ago

This is awesome! Gettin to play the games early!

zonetrooper53752d ago

Can't wait, hopefully Sony will also put some videos of GDC on the PSN Store. Thank god for being an XBL gold memeber and PSN member. =D

ThaGeNeCySt3752d ago

I'm really excited to see what's addressed at their keynote @ GDC since they're the only company having a conference... I also want to know why their booth (as well as Epics) are the largest of the whole show... C MON MICROSOFT, MAKE ME HAPPY ABOUT 2008.

toughNAME3752d ago

I am more than happy with the games being released this year for the Xbox 360

But would I like some exclusives to rub in some peoples faces? like the idiot a few comments below talking about Sony for some reason?

Yes...I would like that

sonarus3752d ago Show
power of Green 3752d ago

What are you talking about wrong zone.

sonarus3752d ago

tisk tisk fanboys reported my comment as off topic. guess we arent allowed to respond to each others comments anymore. i own a 360 so came to check out 360 news guess 360 fans arent having dat

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mintaro3752d ago

im hoping for a too human demo....

ThaGeNeCySt3752d ago

maybe... Silicon Knights did say something about a demo coming a month or 2 before the retail game ships... and Kotaku will have have a hands on with a playable version at GDC so maybe there's hope *prays*

Columbo3752d ago

Yes, a Too Human demo would be great! However I will settle for a video of Too Human, Civilization: Revolutions, Ninja Gaiden, and an announcement trailer for Gears of War 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.