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Halo 4 Review: The definition of playing it safe | Digital Trends

Digital Trends: "The Halo brand returns under new management. But fear not, loyal enthusiast, the new caretakers, 343 Industries, know a thing or two about what makes Halo tick. The result is Halo 4, a game that is very much a Halo game, but stops short of being anything new." (Halo 4, Xbox 360) 8.5/10

Omnislash  +   1072d ago
For the most part I agree with this review... I will make my own decision when I play it myself but it sounds to me like its just another Halo. The IGN review is no different than this except, it has different gun sounds.

Also part 1 of 3?? Are you kidding me?
How are they NOT milking this game??
Godmars290  +   1072d ago
I really don't get how IGN has a reputation for being a compromised site, one of the worst in fact, and yet let them hand out a 10 or near 10 and people who like that game will stand up and defend IGN.
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3-4-5  +   1072d ago
Any ratings system that isn't decimal based or isn't out of 100 ( same thing) is a fraud and serves no purpose.

EX: Game A get's 8/10 Game B get's 8/10

To IGN , they are saying these are the same.

In reality we know that is now true because of this:

Game A: = 8.1/10 Game B:= 8.9/10

Are you (IGN) telling us that an 8.1/10 is of the same quality as a game rated 8.9/10 ???

^ This is why ratings are a joke unless fit under the decimal or /100 system ( out of a hundred )
ginsunuva  +   1072d ago

Reviews are meant to be read, and give a general opinion. One can't boil down a whole experience into a single number. There is no correct, accurate rating. Scores should just be replaced by "Amazing","Grea t","Good"," Decent","Average" ;,"Subpar", "Poor", and "Bad"
Godmars290  +   1072d ago
Not what I said.
What I said was a 6/10 from IGN is a 9/10 with the review having multiple links to buy the game.

That three months down the line, if not sooner or later, hype will cool down and the game will be called "not all that" with most of the same gamers who were defending IGN blaming them for overhyping it.

We've done all this BS before.
Balcrist  +   1072d ago
@ 3-4-5,
Is that why IGN's review of Halo 4 was a 9.8/10? For your average run-of-the-mill games they might round down, but for games of Halo's stature (which are few and far between) they'll tell you that it deserves the extra .8 on top of the 9 it already got....
grayfoxx881  +   1072d ago
I read the review on the website and watched the video review, and both were a little embarrassing to watch, not very professional either. I learned a long time ago to take reviews with a grain of salt, especially IGN's. I thought GameInformer and GameSpot had better reviews. It's hilarious to see all the kiddies start screaming "GOTY!!!" and "The Chief is Back!!!" in the comments of IGN's review, when no one has played this but the Press. Halo 4 currently has a 90 on Metacritic, and if it plays like the other games in the series a 90 is a pretty accurate score imo.
da_2pacalypse  +   1072d ago
If you want something different I suggest you buy a new IP. It's halo, it will play like halo. There are plenty of new things here to keep me interested. The game looks amazing and there are plenty of new and innovative things.

I'm buying this game because it's halo, and I expect it to play like halo. I don't understand any argument of "the same formula" because what else did you expect?
Yomiro  +   1072d ago
Ok so you don't have to buy a new halo game if is the same halo game...all the old halo games should be good enough.
Kalowest  +   1072d ago
WTF are you talking about, Halo's not milked at all compared to other franchise's. Learn your gaming history.
Balcrist  +   1072d ago
Exactly! People keep going "ah Microsoft is just Milking Halo, you can tell because Halo 4 is part 1 of 3".... really? you're going to say that when it's biggest competition is call of duty, the dairy farm of milking!
adrenilinmatt  +   1072d ago
omnislash milking a game is totally different to what this is. how are they not milking starwars? 3 more films set to release. on top of however many there are nos. and call of duty, surely is being milked also. and mario? and zelda? stop being a troll please. its called expanding a universe. halo has more grounds for progression than any other game. and hahah guess what, you cant do anything about it. 3 new halo games here we come!!!!!! and everyone talks so much of playing it safe and bringing nothing new? look at cod and then say that about halo while you 10/10 black ops 2. corrupt reviewer.
Hufandpuf  +   1072d ago
Star Wars was bought for 4 Billion. I'd be damned if I payed that much and didn't try to sell entertainment to make a profit.

Damn them for being a business, right?
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1072d ago
halo is worth 3 billion so wouldnt it make sense to make more...

Damn MS for being a business right?
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FantasyStar  +   1072d ago
Sounds about right. Watching the leaked videos on Youtube: 343i definitely played it too safe with Halo 4. Couldn't have said it better.
unchartedxplorer  +   1072d ago
"The definition of playing it safe" lol
Balcrist  +   1072d ago
I'm sick of these "playing it safe" articles and reviews... claiming that Halo isn't taking any chances... Apparently the following....
Making a whole new world isn't taking a chance.
Adding a whole new set of enemies into the mix isn't taking a chance.
Adding a whole new weapons set isn't taking a chance.
Adding Spartan Ops isn't taking a chance.
Altering the core concept of multiplayer (that everyone starts off on equal footing) isn't taking a chance.
To be honest, simply taking on a new Halo title is taking a chance, because Halo 3 ended so well that if Halo 4 doesn't live up to Halo, then 343i can kiss it's butt goodbye, and Halo being the Flagship of the Xbox 360, if it were to go down, then its a good bet that the console might follow. My sole reason for buying a 360 was because it was the only place i could play Halo, and i'm sure there are others out there who did the same.
Furthermore, the author of this article has no idea what they're talking about, "Halo 4 doesn't continue the Halo lore, it creates a new one that fits within the structure of the old." WRONG. Halo 4 builds off of the Halo lore that has been canonized by the Halo books. One of the things that 343i really wanted to do, was bring all of the different aspects and mediums of the Halo Lore together in Halo 4, which is why they tied multiplayer into campaign, explained why Spartans are fighting Spartans (Red vs. Blue), why they used the Web to make Forward Unto Dawn, and why they used the Halo Books as a basis for many of the aspects of the world of Requiem.
adrenilinmatt  +   1072d ago
how have ign been compromised? ign werent the only site to give halo 4 a massively high rating anyway, hey tell me greyfox881. mr troll, how would you know anythinf about halo 4 yet. its not out. or wait, no, i get it. youre just being a troll like everyone else. !:') how silly of me. its got a while to go before all the reviews come through on metacritic. well see kid. well see. jeez. i hope call of duty recycled ops 3 gets this much trollish hate. especially when it doesnt sell as many pre orders. OH I WENT THERE
grayfoxx881  +   1071d ago
Oh, you must be one of the little kiddies that is screaming "GOTY!!!". I don't have a problem with the 9.8 IGN gave Halo 4, or the countless other perfect scores the game has gotten in the last day or so. I have an issue with how the review read when compared to other reviews, and it sounded like one big advertisement. If you haven't noticed, IGN has a tendency to do this, but judging by your last comment you may have trouble understanding the big words that I am using. You would have to be an idiot to think that MS would bring any big changes to their flagship title, especially with them footing the bill. Everyone was expecting Halo 4 to play like previous titles in the series. Some of the reviews stated just that, and you would have known that if you had read them, but, I know, reading is hard for you, as well as spelling. As far as pre-orders go, as of October 27th, Black Ops 2 had 1,217,231 on the 360, with Halo 4 at 1,179,659. PS3 Black Ops 2 pre-orders were at 723, 992. These are just U.S. numbers, which is Microsoft's biggest market. You think Halo 4 can reach 26 million sales like the first Black Ops? Kid, sit down and shut up.
Kalowest  +   1071d ago
"MS would bring any big changes to their flagship title"
343i made the game how they wanted to make it.
Big changes were being made, that's why Halo 4 was having controversy.
Munky  +   1071d ago
If you wanto get a real gauge of how much the game has changed go to the forums on halo waypoint. Actual fans of the series are pretty upset over some of the changes made in halo 4. And your point about blops is a moot point as it is a multiplat.

MC's armor caused a big hoopla for crying out loud. Even the slightest of changes to the usual halo formula are scrutinized by the community. So for a non fan, or casual fan to say the changes were minor is just flat out wrong.
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