There Are 489 People Playing Competitive Halo 4 Multiplayer Right Now, Up From 145 Yesterday

Kotaku - There are 495 people playing Halo 4’s multiplayer, if you count the cooperate Spartan Ops mode. That’s over three times more than the amount of people that were playing just yesterday, and the game still has four more days before its November 6 release.

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-Mezzo-2204d ago

By tomorrow, it'll be in Million/s

Godmars2902204d ago

Wont those people be banned, given that the game wont be officially released next week?

PtRoLLFacE2204d ago

not if they are playing legit copies, or streaming campaign

TekoIie2203d ago usually sends you the game a day before the release when you per order so it's possible for us to play legitimately before the "official" release.

Summons752203d ago

They probably eased up since reviewers have copies and reviews are open. Of course those aren't 400 some of reviewers regular players have probably got legit copies now too since stores clearly have them now for midnights and what not

pr0digyZA2203d ago

They won't be banned, not sure though if stats will be reset though.

aviator1892203d ago

nope, ms/343i know that the reviewers are playing it online including that ridiculous 5-day continuous non-stop machinima stream going on right now with halo 4.

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FlameHawk2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

Is this really a big deal? Is this what gaming journalists call news? This literally happens for almost every game. Games get released early big deal.

jimbobwahey2203d ago

What do you expect? It's Kotaku, real journalism is a foreign concept to them.

Story quality? WTF
Like this website? No

Animal Mutha 762203d ago

Big deal. Should we really care?

How about some real news....

SOULJER2203d ago

I been on for a week schooling noobs. I have a legit copy. What's the big deal. I did with 3 games already. This year has been slow.

Balcrist2203d ago

The legitimacy of your copy is compromised by the fact that you obtained it before the launch date,which by definition means you obtained it through illegitimate means. Personally, I believe you should be under the ban hammer....

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The story is too old to be commented.