PS3 to Eek Out Console War Victory by 2011, says iSuppli

The PS3 is about to strap on a booster pack and zoom to victory, if you ask iSuppli. By 2011, Sony's system is forecast to have the largest global installed base and market share (by a very slim margin).

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Hagaf223780d ago

remind me again who is isuppli and what have they ever predicted before?

sonarus3780d ago

Judging from your comments its obvious their prediction dosent suit you. Don't worry its in no way factual only predictions.

iSuppli Corporation helps clients improve performance in the electronics value chain by providing them with the facts, analysis and advice they require to know precisely how to succeed. Our team of over 100 globally positioned electronics industry veterans monitor the status of the electronics industry value chain, and continuously update a score of self-consistent databases that track industry performance and significantly improve forecast accuracy. iSuppli tracks unique datasets - such as contract terms and conditions, pipeline inventories and component pricing - to allow clients to instantly pinpoint specific actions to enhance performance.

deeznuts3780d ago

As stated, iSuppli is a well known analyst firm. Not that this means they'll be right, but it's better than your average gamesite making it, and much better than a certain Wedbush analyst making it.

Silver3603780d ago

If the Wii is reaching a new market, shouldn't there be more machines sold?

donniebaseball3780d ago

They're a research firm that's done cost analysis on the PS3 in the past. After it launched they determined that the components added up to over $800 per console for Sony. Those costs have obviously come down a lot since then.

fenderputty3780d ago

Personally I could care less if the 360 sells more then the PS3. As long as the PS3 does well then I'm ok. A rational 360 fan should think along those same lines.

SuperSaiyan43780d ago

I predict Microsoft launching their new console by 2010 or early 2011 so good luck to Sony since they will be fighting a whole new battle against an even superior machine.

travelguy2k3780d ago

Excuse me if i'm wrong but doesn't he Ps2 still sell Very well against the superior 360?

Would one be wrong if they thought this trend will happen again?

AceLuby3780d ago

A blu-ray drive?
A standard HDD?
More 'Cores'?
Built in wireless?

The only thing I can think of that they would release in 2 years that would be an improvement over the PS3 would be a new graphics card. Will it make a difference? Will it do well in face of VERY stiff PS3 competition when the console defining games are coming out like crazy when the PS3 would be FAR cheaper w/ a MUCH larger library of games? They might as well throw in the towel if this is their plan IMO.

sonarus3780d ago

the fact that you are happy that msoft will be abandoning the xbox after 5yrs on the market is quite sad. I am all for new technology but that is about 2 yrs too soon imo

heyheyhey3780d ago

in 2011 the PS3 will have lots of great games

the 720 will be a new console with very little going for it (like every new console) and with M$ only having 5 game studios it will take them a while to get going- because all the 3rd party will be accustomed to the PS3

i have no doubt that Sony will keep its ten year cycle no matter what M$ release- they just cant risk it all again

M$ have lost a lot of respect after the RROD and the total abandonment of the Xbox 1- who knows how many people will trust them again?

anyway it will be interesting to see how this one plays out

darkside3780d ago

man if i was a 360 owner i would be pissed!! damn even the PS2 out lived 360 and will continue to go on strong.

play beyond!!

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ISA_Scum3780d ago

Another console war victor prediction article? Wow! The originally is just flowing thoughout this news post!

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