Future Shop & EB Games Canada Gaming Deals: November 2nd – 8th, 2012

This week at Future Shop sees a big focus on the upcoming Halo 4, with many midnight openings happening Tuesday morning and a trade in deal where you can get $60 towards the game. At EB Games, there’s a ton of trade in offers to take advantage of.

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BringingTheThunder1364d ago

i'll be getting halo at midnight!

Relientk771363d ago

Nice, getting games at midnight is an awesome experience

Have fun playing it like all night

TrendyGamers1363d ago

Hopefully the servers are prepared for the onslaught of players that morning.

rolandfurious1361d ago

I'll be asleep at midnight!

chcolatesnw1363d ago

well if its the highest budget production, then i doubt it uses low budget or not enough servers. besides, its THE mmofps of '12 that doesn't play like CoD

Grimhammer001363d ago

Scary thing is....after the dust settles and comparing only 360 sales....blops2 will likely outsell halo 4 2-3/1

TrendyGamers1363d ago

It will probably be around 1.5/1 in favour of black ops

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