Wii to trump PS3, Xbox 360 as leading video-game console

The Nintendo Wii is expected to overcome Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3) to become the new-generation video-game console with the world's largest installed base in 2008.

That's according to recent research from iSuppli Corp, which today estimated the global installed base for the Wii will rise to 30.2 million units in 2008, up from 18 million in 2007, on its strong appeal to casual gamers.

The company estimated total 2008 sales for the Xbox 360, the 2007 new-generation video-game console install base leader at 18.2 million units, at 25.7 million units in 2008. ISuppli estimated PS3 sales will reach 20.3 million in 2008, up from 2007's 10.3 million.

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sonarus3723d ago

well i think the wii is on a league on its own. I still think they will have probs sellin software down the line since most casual gamers are simply only interested in wii fits and wii plays. so them being the highest selling console has a clause somewhere in there

deeznuts3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

How come it isn't mentioned that further along in the article, the same analyst says that PS3 will overtake the Wii in 2011?

"Game not over for PS3, Xbox 360
Still, hard-core users aren’t going away, iSuppli reported, estimating that in 2011, the installed base of the PS3 will exceed that of the Wii at 38.4 million units in 2011, rising at a CAGR of 39% from 2007. By 2011, the Xbox 360 will grow to 32.3 million installed base units, rising at a CAGR of 15.4% from 2007, iSuppli data showed.

However, iSuppli reported that while the PS3 will take the lead by 2011, the percentage of the installed base controlled by the three consoles will be near even. The PS3 in 2011 will account for 35.4% of the installed base, while the Wii will take 34.8% and the Xbox 360 will be at 29.8%, iSuppli predicted."

sonarus, that relates directly to your point I believe. The gaming aspect of the other two will eventually lead the way.

ravinash3722d ago

There is no doubt that the Wii will take the lead in total user base between the 3 main consoles.
The magic question is, does it have the legs to last like 360 and is this machine going to look in 8 years time just when the next Gen will be coming in.
It is the lest powerful out of the 3 machines, so it will reach its limits a lot sooner. So with nothing new to sell the system, I expect the sales to slow after another 2 years and then the other machines may (or may not) catch up.

mikeslemonade3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

The Wii will win this generation. I don't even question that. The PS3 at it's prime will only sell as much as the Wii which won't be enough to beat the Wii. Now my question is will Nintendo bring out a high def wii while PS3 and 360 are viable or will they continue to be lazy and milk the Wii out until PS3 and 360 are on their last legs. If Nintendo doesn't bring out the next gen system in the middle of this generation the consumer will not benefit because by then the developers will have done everything they could on the Wii's hardware.

Lucreto3723d ago

The old folks home near me has 4 wii consoles and they only play wii sports. So I exclude Wii and DS. I have 4 games for my DS and had it before the lite came out. I bought a PSP last september and have 10 games.

gamesR4fun3723d ago

stealing all our ps3 glory :P

j/k its actually a good thing its doing so well especially considering the other two consoles are still selling well.

THWIP3722d ago

Last gen, the 3 consoles were similar enough, that most games were multiplatform, and largely identical. The XBOX had the most horsepower, followed by the GC, but the PS2 had the install it became the LCD base for multiplatform development. This gen, the Wii is still using 7 y.o. hardware, so there are few multiplatform games that can be done...which is why the Wii is getting more PS2, PSP, and DS ports, from 3rd party devs/publishers.

Whatever Nintendo does with the Wii, only serves to make up for the failure of GC, and fatten their bank account. The Wii's success has NOTHING to do with the present or future of gaming on the PC, 360 and PS3, because it's not in the same league.

Intrepid3722d ago

I don't understand your logic. A great game is a great game regardless of the system its on. Brawl, Zelda, Mertroid, etc. are all irrelevent?

kewlkat0073722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

That's a far stretch. Why anybody continues to Doubt Nintendo after 25+ years is over my head..

We have seen so many Consoles come and go, but Nintendo is like C0caroaches since the dinosaur age. They know how to stay alive int he midsts of "superior hardware" by the competition.

so I wouldn't say Irrelevant but their hardware satisfy the majority of all types of gamers, even though some eventually graduate to the xbox/ps.

NINTENDO's MARKET will never be Tapped..

Silver3603722d ago

Does any hardcore gamer care anymore?

Bazookajoe_833722d ago

No Abel, now lets kill Cain ;-)