Old Solid Snake Coming to PlayStation All Stars? A New Challenger A Waits…

GamerFitNation Interviewed Seth Killian on Playstation AllStars Battle Royale. During the interview it was mention that Old Solid Snake could be in the game

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Snookies121936d ago

Old Snake is going to show these youngsters how it's done... Even if he's not really that old...

crxss1936d ago

good video blackbible. if snake isn't an unlockable there's always DLC :/

Getowned1936d ago

Yes great video, I always enjoy your work vary entertaining.

Old Snake would be awesome lol

FACTUAL evidence1936d ago

My list

Jersey devil
Vahn (legend of legaia)

vork771935d ago

i would love to see blasto and tomba

kesvalk1935d ago

i really wanted they stop putting these new games chars, and start putting the classics, like tomba, crash and spyro.

bradleejones1935d ago

kesvalk, Snake would not be a "new" character as compared to tomba, crash, or spyro. Metal Gear came out in 1987. Tomba, Crash, and Spyro were all late 1990s games. There were 3 or 4 Metal Gear games before these released their first game.

Majin-vegeta1936d ago

*Challangar??Hmm never heard of that word :P.

Please bring old snake.I wanna use him to beat the living days out of Drake :D.

BLACKBIBLE1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Sorry for the Type-o, you should have reported it so I would notice. Old snake is awesome. I agree Cloud from FFVII should be in the game.

Legacy of Kane characters as well.

j-blaze1935d ago

if they consider adding another character they should add Crash or a character from Haze but not snake, snake is way too classy to be on that cheap ripoff

NastyLeftHook01935d ago

ps all stars is a classy game, so snake suits it fine.

NovusTerminus1936d ago

I want

Dart (Legend of Dragoon)
Kat (I'd prefer Raven, but that is not likely) (Gravity Rush)
Cloud (FFVII)
Wander (Shadow of the Colossus)
Nightmare (Soul Calibur)

dafegamer1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

so true Raven has that kind of sex appeal and badassry
presentation, which I love about female gaming characters. But Kat is sexy though

NovusTerminus1936d ago

Kat came off as to young for me to find her sexy... Almost like a kid... But I still loved her character in the game.

Raven was just an awesome character, and while it seems she did not have the explosive power of Kat, she was more controlled and focused making her attacks more precise.

Qrphe1936d ago

Same, Kat is too cute for me to find to look at her a sex symbol.

GrahamGolden1936d ago

didnt they showed a pic of cloud with other ps character for the tv promo which has been removed cause the hair wasnt done right ?

Thats pretty much confirm that he will be in the game at some point.

GreenRanger1936d ago

They should put a character creation mode in this game.

Qrphe1936d ago

>Green Ranger during Christmas
>not using a green Santa hat

GreenRanger1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I changed it!

braydox211934d ago

not just any character creation they should put in michael the gamer. he bascially has a bit of everything from each chracter. when using Kratos's moves he has two playsation controllers on his back like the blades of chaos, and he basically using his the blades/controllers grab combos and hitting and spinning etc. (kratos's moves for his blades) then he brings out his move controllers and he uses them like spike does (spike lightsword thingies) for ranged attacks he uses the playstation boomerang (you know the one im talking about the one controller that never was) to hit opponets from afar. maybe one of his specials 1,2 or 3 is able basically rechoose his character or is able to become any other player that is playing, so if there is a sweet tooth, sly cooper, nathan drake, that are also playing the same match you will be able to basically copy them therefore basically changing your character to any of the other players.

shadow27971936d ago

Not sure why you're getting disagrees, it's clearly a typo. The title should read "... A New Challenger Awaits..."

But we're all human, so whatever.

dvfaa1936d ago

there's no excuses for spelling mistakes on the internet!

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