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Old Solid Snake Coming to PlayStation All Stars? A New Challenger A Waits…

GamerFitNation Interviewed Seth Killian on Playstation AllStars Battle Royale. During the interview it was mention that Old Solid Snake could be in the game (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

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Snookies12  +   820d ago
Old Snake is going to show these youngsters how it's done... Even if he's not really that old...
BLACKBIBLE  +   820d ago
Damn Straight!
crxss  +   820d ago
good video blackbible. if snake isn't an unlockable there's always DLC :/
Getowned  +   820d ago
Yes great video, I always enjoy your work vary entertaining.

Old Snake would be awesome lol
FACTUAL evidence  +   820d ago
My list

Jersey devil
Vahn (legend of legaia)
vork77  +   820d ago
i would love to see blasto and tomba
kesvalk  +   819d ago
i really wanted they stop putting these new games chars, and start putting the classics, like tomba, crash and spyro.
bradleejones  +   819d ago
kesvalk, Snake would not be a "new" character as compared to tomba, crash, or spyro. Metal Gear came out in 1987. Tomba, Crash, and Spyro were all late 1990s games. There were 3 or 4 Metal Gear games before these released their first game.
Majin-vegeta  +   820d ago
*Challangar??Hmm never heard of that word :P.

Please bring old snake.I wanna use him to beat the living days out of Drake :D.
BLACKBIBLE  +   820d ago
Sorry for the Type-o, you should have reported it so I would notice. Old snake is awesome. I agree Cloud from FFVII should be in the game.

Legacy of Kane characters as well.
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j-blaze  +   819d ago
if they consider adding another character they should add Crash or a character from Haze but not snake, snake is way too classy to be on that cheap ripoff
NastyLeftHook0  +   819d ago
ps all stars is a classy game, so snake suits it fine.
LordMe  +   820d ago
I want

Dart (Legend of Dragoon)
Kat (I'd prefer Raven, but that is not likely) (Gravity Rush)
Cloud (FFVII)
Wander (Shadow of the Colossus)
Nightmare (Soul Calibur)
dafegamer  +   820d ago
so true Raven has that kind of sex appeal and badassry
presentation, which I love about female gaming characters. But Kat is sexy though
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LordMe  +   820d ago
Kat came off as to young for me to find her sexy... Almost like a kid... But I still loved her character in the game.

Raven was just an awesome character, and while it seems she did not have the explosive power of Kat, she was more controlled and focused making her attacks more precise.
Qrphe  +   820d ago
Same, Kat is too cute for me to find to look at her a sex symbol.
GrahamGolden  +   820d ago
didnt they showed a pic of cloud with other ps character for the tv promo which has been removed cause the hair wasnt done right ?

Thats pretty much confirm that he will be in the game at some point.
GreenRanger  +   820d ago
They should put a character creation mode in this game.
Fishermenofwar  +   820d ago
That would be EPIC!!!
Qrphe  +   820d ago
>Green Ranger during Christmas
>not using a green Santa hat
GreenRanger  +   820d ago
I changed it!
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braydox21  +   818d ago
not just any character creation they should put in michael the gamer. he bascially has a bit of everything from each chracter. when using Kratos's moves he has two playsation controllers on his back like the blades of chaos, and he basically using his the blades/controllers grab combos and hitting and spinning etc. (kratos's moves for his blades) then he brings out his move controllers and he uses them like spike does (spike lightsword thingies) for ranged attacks he uses the playstation boomerang (you know the one im talking about the one controller that never was) to hit opponets from afar. maybe one of his specials 1,2 or 3 is able basically rechoose his character or is able to become any other player that is playing, so if there is a sweet tooth, sly cooper, nathan drake, that are also playing the same match you will be able to basically copy them therefore basically changing your character to any of the other players.
WeAreLegion  +   820d ago
a waits?
shadow2797  +   820d ago
Not sure why you're getting disagrees, it's clearly a typo. The title should read "... A New Challenger Awaits..."

But we're all human, so whatever.
dvfaa  +   820d ago
there's no excuses for spelling mistakes on the internet!
abzdine  +   820d ago
i just played a Battle Royale game this game is so much fun.. can't wait for the release date.
mcstorm  +   819d ago
Ya i cant wait to get this game but the one thing i would like to know is who is getting the ps3 and who is getting the psv version?
abzdine  +   819d ago
i'm getting the PS3 version and there is cross play. PS3 players can play with Vita players
smashcrashbash  +   820d ago
If you guys are doing DLC I would like Old Snake, Kat, Crash,Cloud, Spyro and Tomba. And if you have time, Brave Fencer, Wander,Croc and Kutaro (Puppeteer)
Acquiescence  +   820d ago
Kutaro will be in the sequel for sure...
Along with Tearaway's Iota - you know it makes sense. And if there IS a sequel, then I hope SuperBot delve deeper into Playstation's history and allow some of those more obscure creations like Robbit, Vibri, Gabriel Logan, Alundra and Dart or Rose from Legend of Dragoon become playable characters.
smashcrashbash  +   820d ago
Well that all depends on how cooperative the developers are. Remember no matter what Superbot wants doesn't mean that is what they will get. The developers of the characters that we want might not care about nostalgia, fanboyism or if we think they should contribute. Just because you say you want Dart doesn't mean the developer will agree. I they don't contribute it's no skin off their nose. They have no obligation to give up anything. Activision for example obviously doesn't care if we all want Crash. He belongs to them and it wouldn't matter either way if we want him in PASBR. It's not their game and they don't need to facilitate for anyone.
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ZeroX9876  +   820d ago
one thing, those characters are mostly not used right now and could use of some kind of marketing. launching crash back on PASBR could bring activision to consider relaunching the franchise since the character is gaining popularity among fans.
Jinkies  +   820d ago
Don't think I could pay for characters which should already be in the game...especaily some first party ones when we have someone like Big Daddy in the game and Dante. I would rather have the option to buy those two after the game has been released so more first party characters could ben included

If it was well known third party characters which didn't appear on the PS as a first party game then fair enough...people like Ezio, Duke Nukem, Max Payne, Commander Shepard, Lilith from Borderlands etc
smashcrashbash  +   820d ago
It's not as simple as that. You are still talking as if it is that simple. Omar himself said that they even had to negotiate with the first party studios to put the characters in the game.You are still using the word should when it isn't up to them if the characters will be in the game. They can't force anyone to put something in and they still have a game to make.Also when Dante and Big Daddy were put into the game that didn't mean that they took the place of ones that should have been in there.Dante and Big Daddy would have been there whether they had more first party characters or not. They didn't side step Crash and Spyro to put Big Daddy and Dante into the game. It may sound logic to people to put the whole game on hold just so they can get everyone you think they should have had but in business it doesn't work that way. You have deadlines, schedules and budgets.

Why is it so hard to understand that it is not their call. You can't just put the people who are willing to give you Big Daddy and Dante on hold and say you are going to look for other characters because if you get turned down for those you now have a gaping hole in your roster. A business works on schedules. You can't just simply think that you can just go after who you think is important and leave who ever you think isn't until last. Just imagine you have a willing client ready to give you what you want and you blank him to go to someone else who MIGHT give you something. Not only are you at a loss if they turn you down, but you also lost the person who was willing to negotiate. A double loss. that may sound good in fanboy land but in business that is very bad thinking.

You are basically saying put the willing client on hold while I go to people who might very well turn me down. You now have a double risk. If you think about it what you are saying makes no sense. Why should I turn down characters that are willingly given to me for characters that are stubbornly horded by others? You say Dante and Big Daddy should have been an option afterwards. Suppose the people offering the deal don't like that idea and see it as you trivializing their offer? It may sound like a good idea to you to lose Dante and Big Daddy but if you broke the deal doing something like that you would be fired. Fanboy logic doesn't translate well in the business world. You take the opportunities you are given and don't jeopardize them on long shots.
Jinkies  +   820d ago
Jeez...don't get all defensive mate

We don't know what they could of done, maybe they could of had the oppotunity to add Snake/Tombi instead of adding Big Daddy and Dante but were offered those characters at a cheaper deal or maybe in Dantes case they were given money to let him appear in the game for promotional reasons for his new game coming out soon.

We just don't know, but for them to go about Old Snake and DLC it's insulting when he should already be there, Konami wouldn't of had a problem with it with Kojimas relationship with the PS3 and Sony.

So yeah at the end of the day we don't know whos call it is but in my opinion with a game like this which has been in the making since the PS2 when people start asking for one I really think it should of only came around untill they gotten the characters that mattered. First party characters should of came first, then the ones who used to be first party and then third party.

Besides did they really need Big Daddy and Dante, if they were negotiating a deal they could of easily made out that they would of liked them but the wernt bothered that much since they have so many first party characters anyway, if they said no then they could of just said "Fine" and used the first party chaarcters they had as backups instead, I mean this is PLAYSTATION all stars...right, then when it does well in sales/reviews the developers would be kicking themselfs that they didn't go by Sonys/Superbots rules. I mean I'd rather have Gabe Logan and Nathan Hale for example then Big Daddy and Dante and keep those as DLC, it's better paying for third party characters as DLC rather then ones who used to be first party or third party characters in general.

Dude it's just a game so relax, it's not a crime to question what goes on behind closed doors, for all we know Superbot might not of tried hard enough or Sony might of be playing cheap...we just don't know
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MizTv  +   820d ago
please just put him in the damn game please!!!!!!!
ZeroX9876  +   820d ago
for the playstation platform, rpg fan or not, the final fantasy series is the one if not best selling franchise on PS1. It did great on PS2 and was still able to sold many copies despite mixed reviews on this gen.

So an FF character gotta be there. End of the line.

Snake, Crash, rayman, Spyro, legacy of kain, etc.
I could put so many names out there.
josephayal  +   820d ago
what about donald duck?
Braid  +   820d ago
Next day on the news: "Another evil game appears, allowing players to beat the cr#p out of old dudes"
DarthBigE  +   820d ago
Still missing spyro, crash, and snake..... sigh
newn4gguy  +   820d ago
Like you'd buy it anyway.
DarthBigE  +   820d ago
Who said I wasn't going to buy it?
I've got it pre ordered btw i thought the beta is amazing. I just said It would have been alot better if spyro, crash and snake where in it.
PygmelionHunter  +   820d ago
That'd be fantastic! I would also like to see him in SSB4, unless they want to use Naked Snake for that one since MGS3 came out on the 3DS.
MasterCornholio  +   820d ago
Nice and I hope that in the future Crash will be included as well.

Soldierone  +   820d ago
Either way, already made my decision to wait to buy the game until at least one of the 3 get announced, unlocked, or released. Snake, Crash, Spyro
Omar91  +   820d ago
he didnt really say snake would be in the game... all he said was he will talk to the guys back at the station and see what happpens..
newn4gguy  +   820d ago
Attention-grabbing headline. Poor grammar. Awkward interview. Uncomfortable developer.

Yeah...this seems about right for N4G.
Jinkies  +   820d ago
I would be ticked off if he isn't, I wouldn't dare pay for him as DLC because at the end of the day it's like

"You put Metal Gear Rising Raiden in INSTEAD of Old Snake a first party PS character...gee thanks Superbot" ¬¬
RmanX1000  +   820d ago
But hes not a first party character...? He was in SSBB remember? Back in his younger days.
Snookies12  +   820d ago
To be fair, "Solid Snake" is a Sony character for the most part. MGS:1, MGS:2, and MGS:4 were all for PS systems. I think the main reason SSBB got Snake was because of the Gamecube Twin Snakes game. :]
Veneno  +   820d ago
MGS 3 wasn't on a PS system?
DarkBlood  +   820d ago
JohnApocalypse  +   820d ago
I hope so. You put raiden in that game but not Snake? Old Snake is PS3 only
vork77  +   820d ago
wrong he first started out on ps2 in metal gear solid 1 and 2
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Rockefellow  +   820d ago
He said Old Snake, you illiterate clod
iusiuwhbsj   820d ago | Spam
lfclee  +   820d ago
Not interested, fighting games i hate them just a gimmick.
Snookies12  +   820d ago
What? Fighting games are a gimmick? Lol
Parappa  +   820d ago
No. If he was in the game then they wouldn't have announced Raiden. If anything Raiden should've been the DLC character that was tossed to the side. Making characters that should be in the game DLC characters isn't even worth it. Once the Playstation Store goes down and you're no longer able to download the characters then the game is worthless.
Veneno  +   820d ago
You got disagrees but you'ren absolutely correct. Thats the curse of DLC that EVERYONE is blocking out of their minds. Yes, PSN will be available for a very very long time, but in the future it will be taken down, and all those extra pieces of games that were seperated by DLC will be lost forever.
vork77  +   820d ago
another good character now we need about 100 more like crono and spyro
TheCopyNinja  +   820d ago
Fuck..I wanted MGS1 Snake. MGS2 & Old Snake always get more love than when he was at his best.
Obnoxious_Informer  +   820d ago
Very very deceptive incredibly poorly written article. Ridiculous this is on the front page.
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Bahamut-Shin  +   820d ago
I wonder how many actually even watched the interview, they never confirmed old snake at all.
LoneWolf019  +   820d ago
I better see a damn FF chara.
Veneno  +   820d ago
I've never liked a single FF game i've ever played, but even I know at least one FF character belongs in this game.
BigDollarZoe954  +   820d ago
Kept you waiting huh (snake voice)
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