GTA V Trailer 2 not made in Scotland

It has only been a couple of days since Rockstar confirmed the Grand Theft Auto 5 release date window, although this hasn’t stopped more clues being left from official Rockstar comments that explain the lack of PC details, and also pre-orders are detailing more images and locations for GTA V. We know there are just a few days until pages of information will land in a magazine exclusive, but it seems that this fact has meant people in the know are being looser lipped when it comes to the finer GTA V details.

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unchartedxplorer2230d ago

Well this is useless. We already know this

DOMination-2230d ago

One would assume the trailer would be made by Rockstar North which is in Scotland. I guess not.

HappyGaming2230d ago

Considering there have been numerous articles about this trailer I wouldn't be suprised if for GTA 6 people will be asking for announcements of when the announcements of the announcements will be made -.-

I just want the bloody game and since its not coming out within the month why would a trailer be so important?

0pie2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

welcome to n4g the place where you can find duplicate article, stupid rumour about next gen console and an infinite amount of "top 10" article.

hazelamy2230d ago

and not from girders either?

jd6662230d ago

I was thinking that too! HAHAHAHA

stevenhiggster2230d ago

Lol, spot the old Scotsmen, that's exactly what I thought too :)

violents2230d ago

No duh, einstein!! The reason its delayed is because the new york office is under water. How ever did he come to this conclusion? He must be a real detective.

MrBeatdown2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

This is just dumb.

First of all, I'm not even sure why where a trailer is put together is news to begin with. Honestly, does anyone care?

Secondly, nothing confirms the trailer was made in Scotland. It's a pretty stupid assumption if you ask me.

Even if the trailer was made in Scotland, would you expect Rockstar to release it when the publishing and marketing side of their business is completely shut down?

Hell, I sent an email to their Max Payne 3 multiplayer feedback address about an issue in the game. That was on Monday. I've gotten two "message delayed" emails basically saying the email has yet to be delivered. Having email access is probably important when you release a trailer for your biggest game ever to the world. That, and they probably need to get that trailer to different press outlets. Rockstar isn't just going to stick it on YouTube. They want it on IGN and all the other big sites at the same time. They have to get the trailer to those sites ahead of time, and get them under an embargo so it isn't released before Rockstar is ready.

People seem to think this is nothing more than a case of some guy in the NYC office not being able to turn on his computer and post a file to Youtube. The issue far more likely has to do with how that trailer is going to be released to the media, and Rockstar being able to make themselves available to the press for when hype for the game goes through the roof.