Here’s The Difference The Day One Patch Made to Assassin’s Creed III

Kotaku - Assassin’s Creed III is a very good game but also a fairly buggy game. And like many modern video games before it, the console versions were patched before they were even officially released.

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Pintheshadows2205d ago

The one that is bothering me at the moment (although it is cosmetic) is Connor's outfit not being the correct colour in cutscenes. It is always his standard white and blue outfit.

Norrison2205d ago

Maybe the cutscenes are pre-rendered? Not sure tho, don't have the game

Pintheshadows2205d ago

I don't think they are as the world continues on in the background to the point that i've seen npc's clipping through characters. It just seems like another thing they've missed.

It didn't happen in the older titles.

vork772204d ago

the only glich that bother me was when i am ridding a horse and chasing some one the horse would get stuck running in place

Mounce2205d ago

Are my wrists bound infront of me or behind me....I don't remember, so I'll just twist space and time to somehow make it so I can physically experience BOTH! Without breaking the cuffs/tethers.

AzaziL2204d ago

This game has potential but damn did they lower the bar on quality control. I'd rather they delay the game the next time around and make sure it's not a buggy mess like this one was.

Pintheshadows2204d ago

Whilst I agree with you the game, despite the bugs, is absolutely phenomenal.

taquito2204d ago

are the graphics really that bad on the console version, ac1 on pc blows this away

gonna wait for a steam sale