Why It Isn't Such a Bad Idea to Let Cliff Bleszinski Fix Resident Evil

GR's Daniel Hill writes:

A few days ago, Cliffy B. made a comment on Twitter that made some waves in the gaming community. Tweeting at Capcom, he suggested that they allow him to help them "fix" Resident Evil. The comment caused a cascade of speculation - not much of it particularly positive - throughout the gaming world. However strange the suggestion may seem, given that the man has spent the better part of a decade making the dudliest of the bro-iest gaming franchise out there - Gears of War - when you think about it, this may not be such a bad idea.

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Gridloc2234d ago

Really... Adding a chainsaw on a gun won't help Res Evil. Cliffy B is a no talent douche with an ego bigger than the game industry itself.

FarCryLover1822234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

I wouldn't call him "no-talent," but he is definitely not right for RE.

The Meerkat2234d ago

But he does seem to have passion.

Gridloc2234d ago

But passion doesn't equal talent. His contribution to gears was, cover based third person (borrowed from Kill Switch) and putting a chainsaw on a gun.

Mounce2234d ago


Don't you dare forget about the game Winback.

YourFlyness2234d ago

@Mounce Kill Switch was the first to use the cover system as its core game mechanic,and the first to do blind fire mechanic in the cover system. Which Gears and Uncharted credits for

JsonHenry2234d ago

I don't much care for the guy myself. But if he truly loved the old resident evil games then I don't see why he would be bad or incapable of doing it. Not like he could make it any worse.

snipes1012233d ago

The guy isn't an idiot. Why do people automatically assume he'll throw all of that in there?

The problem is that he's made his name with Gears of War, and now, no one will give the guy a chance to try something different.

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DARK WITNESS2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

I say give him a chance... He could not do any worse then capcom's own team.

Say what you like about his charater as a person, but all things being equal, Gears of War was a great series of games apart from Gears 2 and even then they fixed alot if not all the issues it had with gears 3. This proves he can at least listen to feedback, unlike Capcom.

bubblebeam2234d ago

Why not? Whether you like him or not, you have to admit he can't really do any worse.

Star Wars recently got sold to Disney. You know why I don't care? Coz episodes 1-3 sucked and they can't really do any worse, or if they can, I don't care anymore. Same thing here. Although I find it funny as he said he was taking a break.

Kamikaze1352234d ago

People keep assuming that he will make the game exactly like the Gears of War series. While I'm not a huge fan of that series, I think Cliffy is a very capable developer. Capcom is destroying the RE franchise with each bad release after RE4 (minus RE:Revelations).

I'm not really sure what's going on at Capcom. Maybe all of the talented developers have left or maybe they have gotten cocky. Whether the reason, it's hurting their franchises.

helghast1022234d ago

Hell, if they want to turn the franchise into Gears, might as well get some experience to help out.
They obviously can't do it themselves.

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