Halo 4 Ranking System Guide - How it works - "Halo 4’s ranking system is different from how it used to work in Halo Reach and Halo 3 before that. To that end, we’ve put together this guide to help you get started."

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Lubu2234d ago

I'm not sure if its been addressed or not, but my biggest concern is whether it not they are going to allow people to join in mid battle. I hate playing online an having players quit on me, making it one vs four, with no way for anyone to join the match

bubblebeam2234d ago

Yep they fixed that. Halo Reach was ruined by team kill (why the hell dothey allow it??) and people getting kicked. If you were on a team with a person and a few guest controllers, they pretty much always leave.

All they need to do now is have a mercenary deathmatch and for gods sake have a limit on how many guests can be on a team. They always leave and make the game 10v1. A-holes.


What I hated about that was that for some reason ( I don't know if it was my bad luck or what ) but I come across guys who are messing about and killing their team and for some reason they don't get kicked. even when they deliberately kill me the option never comes up.

However when I kill someone by accedent, Like I throw a sticky down, they enemy walks into it but just as he does they drop down on top of him and it kills them both.. Just that one kill and I get booted.

It's not like a do it often. I may have 20 ot 30 games on only get 1 betrayal, but as soon as it happens i get kicked... even funnier when I am carrying the team and the only person who is going positive, yet I get kicked.

never understood it..

I hope they have a better system for Halo 4

bubblebeam2234d ago


Yep, same thing. I get betrayed like 3 times, no kick option, an as soon as I retaliate I get that F***ing loading screen.

Also, if an enemy takes down your shields, your team-mate can kill you and it counts as the enemies kill. Friendly fire is a mess in Halo and should be removed.

Why have friendly fire if you get kicked for doing so (team-kill)?? Are they testing our behaviour? If 343i really are fans of Halo as they say they are, they would fix that.

Summons752234d ago

Mid-Match joining is there which has been much needed. I just wish they would give a bigger penalty for quitters and Betrayers.

Betrayals have been around since the beginning and they SHOULD stay in. Yeah team killers are annoying especially in the scenarios where they don't get booted but it gives another element to the match of deciding how to kill an enemy.

What they should have taken out after Halo 2 and finally did in Halo 4 was take away the option to drop the flag. NOTHING is more annoying than hearing "Flag Stolen, Flag Dropped, Flag Stolen, Flag Dropped" 87 times because some idiot thinks that it is faster to do that then just run. I also hate when people bring flags back to their base and just hide there and don't capture it or when in any objective game people just kill each other acting like it's a slayer match.

Halo 4 is looking great with all the additions they added. Throwing the Bombs/skulls, can't drop the flag, focus on points so people stop acting like K/D ratio is important because is has never been important. Having to unlock armor is one thing but it bugs me that when you start you are limited to only a couple guns. Gaining levels seems like it's kinda like Reach's system but with points instead of stupid credits which is good, I liked Reach's system because it wasn't the focus of multiplayer unlike the stupid system in Halo 3.

robavila952234d ago

"At each level, you’ll gain new ranks and earn what the game refers to as Spartan Points, which you can use to purchase and unlock in-game items like armor, armor abilities, and weapons."

Didn't they say armor was unlocked with xp rather than SP? I really hated the way they made the Armory in Reach so expensive I don't even own half of it.

GearSkiN2234d ago

Rank is different than your actual skill level on halo 4. W/L , K/D, maybe even accuracy are prob the one that is getting look at to match you with better players on H4.

XboxInnovation2234d ago

The xp system is not a good system for a shooter because it has no substance, but it's the best system for marketing around dlc or release because you can offer double xp. Gamers today are just too stupid to realize that having a high rank in xp means absolutely nothing, so when they offer double xp all it is doing is killing the game off for you faster because most people lose interest after reaching max rank