CVG: Peggle developer interview - casual gaming, hardcore and consoles

CVG writes: John Vechey is one of three co-founders of PopCap games, a developer and distributor of numerous casual cross-platform titles. Starting with Bejeweled in 2001, their games have been downloaded over 1 billion times and released over multiple platforms.

CVG caught up with John to ask him about the casual industry, the market and PopCap's upcoming push into console gaming.

CVG: Do you think there's still too much focus on the gaming equivalent of Michael Bay style blockbusters in the industry?

A: If you go to a gaming conference, count how many times you hear the word fun. It's really low. In presentations, conversations and meetings, people so rarely say the word fun. It horrifies me on a regular basis.

CVG: There have been rumours that you're developing a zombie survival-horror game. If you were to be moving into other sectors, would this effect your casual focus?

A: Firstly, no comment! But, anything we do is going to be casual. And I think it would be a mistake to say that zombies are inherently uncasual.

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Evil Zhuk3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

they are just too simple. it insults my intellegence and skills to play such simple games that chimps could play.,,