Halo 4 Armor Sets. Take a peak at almost all of the different armors in Halo 4.

"Halo 4 will launch this coming Tuesday, finally! So now that were only a few days away, we thought we'd give you a taste of what to expect this on the 6th.

Take a look at the images below to see almost all of the armor sets in Halo 4. This is not all of them, but it's a good chunk of them."

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Abojooj2234d ago

So sick, i cant wait till we start customizing : )

WetN00dle692234d ago

Here is hoping the Fotus armor hits the marketplace sometime in the future.

GearSkiN2234d ago

A guy bought mine for $112.50 on EBay lol

Cerberus292234d ago

That's insane. Almost twice as much as the game itself, for an armor set. The torso piece looks ok, but the unicorn helmet just looks dumb. Good for you though. If I had known people would be paying that much for them I would have bought the LE console instead of just the LE game.

grahf2234d ago

I really hope you feel better! Being sick is no fun...

2234d ago