Top 10 Sexiest Female Villains In Gaming

CheatCC writes:

I challenge you to name a combination better than gorgeous women and video games. As high as “underwater environment meets survival horror” ranks for me, I’ve got no choice but to side with the former. However, this combo can be improved—or at least made more interesting—by adding one simple element to the mix: evil. And, to the dismay of the strong female leads that don’t rely on their appearance to garner appeal (a welcomed addition to the gaming world, says this writer), this includes the ridiculous clothing that so many villainesses wear into battle. And I’m just fine with that. Balance is important, right? Nobody wants a world filled with nothing but carbon copies of Soul Calibur’s Ivy, nor would it be quite the same without a few generously endowed villainesses strutting their stuff. So, here’s to these ten hotties for adding a dash of eye candy to their respective realms.

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