Opinion: Animal Crossing 3DS would be the perfect time for Nintendo to try out F2P

Pocket Gamer: If you play a lot of mobile games, you'll have no doubt heard the term 'free-to-play' before. Many times before.

Basically, it means that a game is free to download, but contains some in-game items that require real-world cash to obtain.

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PygmelionHunter2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

"There will no doubt be players who read this and shout, "NO! None of that free-to-play rubbish in my Nintendo franchise!""

You got that right, why would anyone want games to go the free to play way? It's terrible! I've seen the crappiest of games on the iPhone charge you for as much as a $100 for in-game credits! I want to be able to fully enjoy my games out of the box, to be able to unlock everything from my effort, F2P would not only be a scam in a game such as Animal Crossing, but it would also take away the fun of collecting items and trading gifts with friends!

klecser2204d ago


iOS users claim that their games are cheaper, but they never talk about about how they get micro-transactioned and end up paying more. "Nintendo games cost 40 bucks!" Yep, and then I'm done paying. I get all the value in one go, instead of getting blackmailed into paying more and more to unlock more game features.

ronin4life2204d ago

Nintendo has said that they won't be.doing this, for the very reasons it would be successful for them. They feel monetizing a collection game damages the playability.