Bus Simulator 2008

Yes, you read it right! The guys at IncGamers have somehow got wind that there is another simulator on the way.

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Leord3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago ) if line traffic flight simulators wasn't nerdy enough, lol!

This is frickin hilarious!

Joey Gladstone3565d ago

where they train you to handle real world bus situations such as;
never lose your temper while being screamed at constantly,
Deal with Hobos,
Clean up the urine and feces left on the seats,
Take a good 3 or 4 shanks and still survive,
Be a complete jerk if someone is 5 cents short,
And NEVER, I repeat NEVER go below 50 MPH or your bus will EXPLODE!!!!...
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

P4KY B3565d ago

Press X while at a junction to dump half your deisel on the road.

I'm a motorcyclist and I F***ing hate buses.

heyheyhey3565d ago

forget GTA4- i want this

Hagaf223565d ago

heyheyhey im totally on board with you on this one (no pun intended) cancel all my preorders and give me this game!!

ZombiesNJ3565d ago

My friend repairs buses for New Jersey Transit he would get a kick out of this

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